Thank You so much for joining me here on my Quest for Belonging

– this is a site where our economy is inseparable from ecology, where political analysis is part of a psychological healing process, and where spirituality becomes an integral part of science & technology.
Even if my writings seem to be discoherent & obscure at first sight, they do incorporate & assemble some very fundamental & complex concepts of connectivity, interdependence & synergy.

Yes, my thoughts are ‘cloudy’, but that’s my intention; they are an open, non-linear design,
or better, a ‘composition’ which is ‘played’ on multiple levels of consciousness,
inviting you, the listener, the reader, the observer, to participate to ‘play’ along.
Everything in this universe, anything on this planet, is a co-creation,
nothing stands alone, everything is in motion;
and therefore we have our Social Emotional Intelligence, to create,
a Cloud Intelligence, to correspond, collectively, with our constantly changing environment.

‘BELONGING TO’ – and ‘EVERYTHING TOGETHER’ – are very simple & universal concepts which can overcome separation & segregation, can dissolve restrictions & limitations.
With the elimination of our mental & physical de-fences we begin to liberate a flow of energy, a dynamic which gives us sustainable balance & harmony, the stability of motion. (Philosophy in Motion)

Don’t forget that a self-liberating process of questioning & learning will create more insight & vision, the awareness & consciousness we so desperately need to navigate thru the divine chaos of life.

I trust that at some point in time & space my Inspirations will touch or move somebody somehow, somewhere; and this will be as profound & fundamental to them, as it appeared to me.

Naturally, this will attract & ignite a synergy of change,
a new paradigm of relativity and constant motion,
in balance & harmony with the rest of creation.

If anything has grabbed your attention, in particular, or in general,
please do not hesitate to ask or share your thoughts here.
Any response, suggestion, comment or contribution is highly appreciated.

This site is as free as it gets with no hidden agenda or ideological background in a completely commercial free environment.

Thanx again and in the words of Khalil Gibran :
“Let there be spaces in our togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between us.
Love but make not a bond of love, let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of our souls.”

Comments or questions are welcome.

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