…or when sociopathic opportunists meet idiots in suits & fools in sheepskin.

Fact checking ?

– Or what the candidates with their ‘forked tongue’ will not tell you !
The US deep involvement with, and/or creation of Extremists, War criminals, Dictators and other Monarchs:
– supply & support of Osama bin Laden as a Mujahideen commander;
– Military aid for Saddam Hussein and Iran in Iran-Iraq war 1980-87 Most significantly, the Iran-Contra Affair
where the Republican Reagan Administration secretly circumvented its own embargo just to finance some
drug traffickers and other thugs in Latin America.
– The secret but close cooperation of the Republican Busch Administration with the Al-Assad Regime in Syria,
Hosni Mubarak Regime in Egypt and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya etc. in the Rendition cases like Maher Arar,
Khaled al-Masri, Abu Omar etc.
– Very close relationship to the former military dictator Musharraf of Pakistan, a nation heavily armed with nuclear bombs,
which is engaged in an ongoing war with his neighbors, mainly India, the largest democracy in the world.

– Plus all our ‘Great Defenders of Democracy’ are not only ‘in bed’ with ‘communists
but also with the Kings & Sultans of Arabia, Africa, Europe and the Far East.
– and now ‘the Chickens are coming home to roost
The patriots of the American Revolution and the Fathers of the Constitution
would ‘turn in their graves’ and put these morons on trial for high treason.

But anyway, what is new in a society where they teach economy without ecology ?
Whoever talks about ‘economy’ without acknowledging its fundamental ecologic context, is absolutely ignorant, incompetent, a great fool, a total failure and definitely not trustworthy.


Here the word cloud of the 4.
Republican Debate Nov.10.2015
displaying the candidates
most frequently uttered words:


Since just a few terms 2012_eco_wordle-e1349742567498
relate to the environment,
here a second word cloud,
focusing on science & environmental references:
I think this can provide more insight
than just listening to the speeches.

And you say: “America has Talent” ?

I Think, if this is the best America has to offer, then we can kiss our ‘civilization’ goodbye !

These politicians & ‘economists’ have not done their homework, they have gravely mismanaged our planet,
our habitat, our lives; and now, all of us, collectively, have to ‘harvest’ the consequences.

The Ledo Lestari palm oil plantation in Borneo

As we can see, today’s global ‘school of economics’ has not the slightest idea or fundamental
knowledge of the dynamics in life.
Totally disconnected from their environment, socially disenfranchised, and absolutely delusional,
these leaders & experts of society live in a bubble of completely outdated beliefs.
Based on 5000 year old theories, this planet has been ravished & plundered,
generation after generation is fighting each other for a ‘sunny spot in paradise’.

Just because we learned how to count our chickens, 7 Hierarchy 1
everything became a question of quantity & mass
with hierarchic evaluations and linear principles.
Those who have more properties of land, arms,
money & education are the winners & leaders,
the once on top of the ‘pyramid .

– and, as the sociopath & idiot put it, he will “Make America
Great Again”, the Leader of a United America, from Argentina to Canada ! ? So help us God ! ?

– Holy shi** , what a statesman ! I think the world is finally ready for somebody like Donald Trump.

The idea of a Hierarchic World-Order,

Hierarchic Perception of Life

together with the belief in Inherited Ownership,
created abnormal imbalances & dysfunctions in the human mind.
Degenerated into a full-blown mental illness, this disease spread like a cancer and has now
infected the entire psychosomatic behavior of our ‘social species’.

New World Order

Fueled by subsequent ideas of social ‘economics’,
systematically spread by marketing & ‘education’,
this twisted & warped perception of life has now
mutated into a pandemic of global proportions.


 10 United we are strong

…and we will loose anyway

19 war against nature


So tell me, if elections would mattered, wouldn’t they have abolished them long time ago ?

“If voting would change anything, they would make it illegal.”   – Emma Goldman

The important word here is ‘they’. It is ‘they’ who hold the power, ‘they’ who have the guns,
the Tasers, the jails, the clubs. It is ‘they’ who lord over us in airports & schools,
in the workplace and in our families. – It is ‘they’ who wield the power.

 – But it isWE’ who give it to them.

But the ‘WE’, the collective, is such a manipulated & corrupted concept,
it is ‘we’ who submit in adoration, we prostrate & supplicate.
And of course, the first step to such submission is the participation
and the endorsement of the ‘they’ in the form of Voting.


Limited mental flexibility, combined with insensitivity & ignorance towards our growing ecologic & economic problems,
has led our entire culture into a state of delirium and complete denial.
When the blind starting to lead the blind we just get deeper & deeper into the mess.
If we want to get out, we have to learn & understand how we got into it.
We have to challenge all these ideas & theories behind this Woshiwood spectacle,
scrutinize every movement, organization or institution out there asking for our endorsement.
We have to be bold enough to become disobedient’, not in a destructive way,
but creatively on this ‘Different Level of Thinking’ Einstein was referring to.

Zinn Disobedience