– is as old as our history, and became an important part of our sociological fabric.

Einstein Simply


and here we go, let Caesar from ‘Planet of the Apes’ explain:

fasces-copyFascism has been around for a long time, and still, nobody seems to understand its exact nature.
Fascistic ideas have affected our entire way of thinking, infected our minds like a mental virus,
and have now completely undermined all forms of government on this planet.

Amongst ‘Democrates’ & ‘Republicans’ it is quiet common & fashionable
to dismiss & discredit Fascism as an evil plot terrorizing the innocent.
By preaching their hierarchic, chauvinistic sermon of world domination & exploitation,
all underneath a fascistic trademark, they just display complete ignorance & stupidity…
– or are the they just utterly contemptuous of the people ?

– a constant display of the inability to understand the basic ideas & principles of ecology & psyche, completely clueless about the dynamics of social-economics in our civilization.

We still live in a culture which is highly suspicious of everything that is different invisible or inexplicable.
We alienate & demonize anything that doesn’t fit into the narrow ‘box’ of Law & Order.
Our understanding of education is in reality a sophisticated conditioning process,
limiting & restricting the individual to a mental & physical standard & uniformity.

Clipping the wings’ of the young & wild,
Cuban artist 09 227 forcing everyone to fly in formation or march in line.



But, what can we expectfasces of fascism
from the sick & twisted
minds of homo-digitalis ?





It is all about Governance, – how we conduct our personal life,
as well as our public or social affairs

Disconnected from the rest of creation, in disharmony with the motions of life,
this culture is stuck in a 5000 year old philosophy of possessions & entitlements.

Centuries later, the creation of an absolute hierarchical order is still dominating this planet.
The ‘divine’ laws of reward & punishment continue to justify & defend our place ‘on Top of the Food Chain’.

Our Sense of Belonging transformed
into Concepts of Entitlement & Property

From the The Race to the Top’ to Canada’s ‘Own the Podium’, the principles of mobbing & bullying
are profoundly imbedded in the collective sub-consciousness of modern society.

This ‘Order of Command’ is based on the illusion of just ‘One Truth, One Viewpoint, One Direction,
all focusing on a final destination, a particular point & place in time & space.
This idea came with the monotheistic believe in ownership & property,
consequently establishing very particular limitations of time & space.
This theory of a single source of energy & life, controlling everything from the top down,
infested the minds of the people and spread like a virus around the world.

Based on the ethics & moral of the 10 commandments, we created our (new) Rules of Law with
a complete disrespect of ecologic principles, and in total disregard of social economics.
In other words, our idea of Order is very selective, dividing & separating,
our concept of Law is restrictive, repressive & constraining in its nature,
a system trying to stop progress & change unless it is approved by some ‘higher authority’.
But, as we all know, what was a successful solution at one point in time
can easily get out-off-balance in the long run.

 Social intelligence, combined with hierarchic law & order,
is an explosive mix !

Together with the creation of written language came the desperate attempt
to capture this moment of ‘truth’ in words.
‘The rule of the day’ became ‘Law of the Land’ ,making today’s solution the chopping block of tomorrow…

 Reward & punishment

Ideas were put in words and bound in books, ultimately becoming
the formulas & theories of ideals, doctrines & dogmas.dollar-bill-1024x960

The ability to translate abstract ideas into larger,
functional organizations and concrete structures,
solidified the belief in a pyramidal world-view (Weltbild)




New World Order


( Yes, here you have to read behind the words,
between the lines, beyondce the pages! )






Subconscious emotions of empathy were manipulated by a very radical and judgmental belief system;
Solidarity & sympathy with your neighbor transformed into allegiance & duty;
And a natural respect for all things has now evolved into an obedience of legitimized authorities.

Helping a friend or neighbor became an organized & institutionalized obligation.
A fishing- or hunting trip with ‘your buddies’ was transformed in the ‘have-to-attend’ event.
It became a simple question of survival to join a congregation or political rally inrank n’ file’ & uniform.
Your participation was reduced to marching-in-line under the banner of a ‘social network’, party, team or club…

– Social participation and the ‘Sense of Belonging’ became a membership certificate !

Free Will & Choice of the individual, based on experience & intuition, was restricted by the dedication
to a ‘higher’ purpose, and/or is simply overwritten by the ethics & moral codes of this dominating world-order.
A leadership concept is now restricting & constraining personal choice, condemning it as Heresy
and replacing it with a decision-making process, finally issuing ordinances.

This hierarchic, chauvinistic belief system has undermined & corrupted our entire social intelligence,
and that with dire consequences.
The old Laws, frozen-in-time, written in stone, do not apply to the new circumstances !
A rigid Order is unable to evolve or adapt, is incapable to coexist with a constantly changing environment.
Once a simple solution to solve a problem, is an outdated formula today !

Our ideas of ‘Law & Order’ can not respond to the constant flux of ecological patterns & processes,

causing a stunning inability to cope with the immanent social economic challenges of today.

– so, do not expect to find any solutions here :

G20 + Rio20

A betrayed intelligence has created a Phantom Economy,
completely disconnected from any eco-logical reality.  

Today, every new idea or theory is overwritten by the principles of an hierarchic, chauvinistic world order.
But, since Hierarchy inherits competition, and the natural evaluation processes were replaced by highly judgmental concepts of Proprietorship & Entitlements, we ended up becoming something very different to a ‘social being’.

Now we live in a ‘social delusion’, from Democracy to Public ‘Education’, from ‘Social Networks’ to Medicare,
everything is overruled by the principles of a hierarchical order. Segregating, discriminating,
mobbing & bullying are the qualifications to profit & succeed in the Race to the Top.

Finally at the ‘top of that heap’ and at ‘the end of the line’‘modern & civilized’ societies
have to find new ways to solve their rising social-economic conflicts.

Nobody can deny that nature has always functioned perfectly,
without our linear, hierarchic Order or a written Law.  

By re-evaluating our sociological & psychological perspective,
and by revisiting the original ideas & Social theories of our culture, we can find :

real solutions and new economic philosophies,
 in harmony & balance with our environment & our life itself.

Re-tracking the origins of our social behavior will help us find the place
where we have lost control of our very own inner ‘Guidance System.

Revisiting our common, tribal inheritance can give us the necessary insight of our  social architecture,
which should not be confused with the ‘information architecture’ or the ‘interaction design’ of ‘social networks’.

Remember again, this is about Governance !
– The way we think, and how we conduct our personal life,
our individual body & soul,
will ultimately affect the way we ‘steer’ (Plato) our public or social affairs.

The ‘old school’ definition, that ‘savages’ are barbaric & uncivilized, and that they live in a wilderness of chaos & anarchy,
was reaffirmed by early psychoanalytical interpretations, concluding that the ‘primitive man’ was living in a more unconscious state of mind vs. the greater consciousness of ‘modern & civilized man’ ! ?

But, whenever we witness the confrontation between a more egalitarian, native culture, and a, so-called,
‘modern civilization’, we can also observe a clash of two completely different worlds of perception.
The indigenous way of thinking, their logic & spirituality, seems totally incomprehensible
for our ‘modern intelligence’.A

Their ‘level of thinking’ represents wilderness, Anarchy & Chaos,
and in its pure nature, essentially ‘apposes’ our ideas of Law & Order.

Consequently, all of the old knowledge and mature wisdom had to be discredited,
demonized & destroyed, wherever it surfaced.
The organic structures, of individual, highly interactive ‘cells’, living in symbiosis with their environment, were systematically taken apart, categorized & classified.
In the context of our socialization, this process created the foundation for the various forms of social- & cultural classes.Pyramid System


Simple presumptions turned into
the Prejudism of racism, sexism & nationalism etc.

Chauvinism & Hierarchy are the Mother & Father of Modern Society !
In this society, families were separated, clans, tribes and whole nations destroyed, just to re-cast them into a new artificial shape, mold them into patriots & stereotypes.


Free & independent individuals, forming organic networks of self sufficient societies,
were now forced into mental & physical dependency, – relying on systems they did not choose.
People became the subjects of a higher authority, the cannon-fodder for an empire or a corporation.
Land & oceans were seized, Habitat or Lebensraum was taken, just to be re-incorporated
in somebody else’s property or jurisdiction.

just a Line in the dirt...


Lines were drawn in the sand,
 laws were carved into stone,
with strict definition of
 Beginning & End and Right & Wrong.





The whole realm of the invisible world was declared nonexistent or unsubstantial.
Spirituality was simply replaced by a highly materialistic religion of the – One God – Up There – Somewhere’.

A new world order was forced upon the free & ‘innocent’,
social economies were separated from their eco-system.

At this point in history, we all lost our natural freedom; just to receive a ‘cheap’ replacement
in form of a new ‘Charter of Rights & Freedom’.
But of course, all within the parameters of an hierarchic, linear Order.
                                   The Linear Paradigm 

40 thousands years of social-economic evolution mutated into a bloody monster,
fighting for domination, and against every other ‘movement’ out there .
Multidimensional, wholistic concepts of co-creativity & co-existence transformed
into narrow-minded, 3-dimensional theories of ‘economic values‘, and unrealistic, strictly materialistic concepts of life.

A new form of ‘competition’ was introduced, and the egalitarian distribution of ‘common ground’
was replaced by a hierarchic division of property :

The art of creating walls

Together with the spiritual ideas of ‘divine privileges’,
these new concepts amalgamated in the birth of Monotheism.

moses the warlord

This new worldview was followed by the creation of new,
‘social’ systems of consecrated government.
Monarchies & dynasties rang-in the age of warlords,
with Despotism & Feudalism building territorial & commercial empires
by pillaging & plundering the planet and their fellow man.






The growing imbalance & discomfort this created,
was prompted by new ideas of social engineering,
the Republic!




This is where empathy turned into Humanism,
social engagement twisted into Socialism,
a simple voting & polling process translated into Democracy,
and the good old ‘strength thru unity’ amalgamated to Fascism !

Yes, Fascism sneaked-in thru the backdoor of consecration.
Patriotism & Nationalism together with Freedom & Democracy belong to the higher values in a republic.

Fascism is all about giving up personal rights and individual autonomy,
all in favor of an imaginary, higher, extra-social authority Heteronomy

 “Together we are strong” is one of the oldest, and probably the most profound
social experience of human beings, and probably the closest to a Swarm Intelligence.

Polling or measuring the individual interests to arrive at a collective choice or decision,
is most important for any social organization.

To find a collective solution, a ‘common ground’ for our social activities, we have developed a number of
organizational tools like contesting voting & delegating.

Exchanging & comparing the individual experiences & perceptions within a peer group,
is absolute fundamental for any social behavior.

Reasoning & persuasion, argument & debate are the way to share visions and corresponding ideas.
These social skills are absolutely necessary to shape & form alliances & cooperations.

But since we have blended these social behaviors3Is
with the terms of hierarchy and proprietorship,
we have also abandoned our 3Is of social sensitivity,
and lost our social creativity !

First the infestation was very subtle, but shrewd & successful in the transition from the
hunter & gatherers societies to agricultural communities.
Sophisticated concepts of reward & punishment used the education process to brake-in
the young minds and condition them into obedient followers.
 ‘History repeats itself’ really means: – we haven’t made any progress for a while.  

With the renaissance came the boost into a new age of Science & information.
Books spread ideas & thoughts exponentially,Dr. Göbbels
made ‘education’ universally available,
and became the favorite tool of brainwash.
Film & radio added very sophisticated propaganda
and commercial marketing to the great deception.

Icecream + Prozac





By addressing the subconscious mind directly, we have manipulated the
social behavior of generations in an unprecedented way.
Educational institutions and mass media spread the belief in a linear,
hierarchic world order under human control & domination.


Experts & politicians promiseCross--252x300
more growth & expansion
with a pseudo economy and fiat money.


‘Spiritual Leaders’ and other celebrities preach Hope & trust in all of this !


– And then we have all these wonderful ‘social’ networks of the internet !

5000 years in the making, we have created a new form of ‘life’,
a ‘Frankenstein’ of social engineering, an anti-organic monster,
the Homo Sociopathis !

A closer, analytical look at history reveals the development of a mental disease,
the mutation of a social being into an incongruent species.

The intellectual & technological ability to design & constructHoover-Dam
our ‘New World’ around a hierarchy of numbers and some geometric shapes, sparked the idea of human world domination.

The same arbitrary concepts of building pyramid,
introduced us to a selective system of segregating everything
in a hierarchical order, – from the ‘Bottom to the Top’.

A new linear concepts of ownership divided every aspect of life,
separated us from our fellow man and the rest of creation.
The integrated world of Spirituality was replaced by a bloody reign of monotheistic Religions.
Forming Nations and building Empires required ambitious politics and a lot of social engineering.
All the resources had to be pulled together, sacrifices had to be made,
and everybody had to play his role in this ‘divine plan’.

And with the ‘Destinyof world-domination comes the need for conquest & expansion.

The new social economic system of growth & more growth was taking & grabbing
everything under the sun, – just better, bigger & faster…



This ‘mission’ was just delayed by the discovery of new continents
and the close encounter with new ‘primitive’ Cultures,
and, of course the endless wars against everything and anything…


Member of the Free Syrian Army points his weapon through a hole in a wall as he takes up a defense position in a house in Qusseer neighbourhood in Homs



To loot & pillage the lower classes
and other downgraded & demystified levels of creation,
 and then to defend the booty,
 required everybody’s attention.



The call for unity, and occasional request ‘to fight like one man’, became a constant demand
for conformism & uniformity, for the permanent installations & institutions of the system.

It was never easy to convince the conservative but independent minds of tribal people
to give up their freedom & individuality, just to enter some sort of long term commitment
to follow some arbitrary new ideas and leaders.

In order to motivate all these ‘primitive’ individuals, to bring-in, or better, to sacrifice their gifts,
skills & talents to this new mass movement, it was necessary to make fundamental changes
to their highly spiritual mindset.                                                                    Read about spirituality

As we all know, our Beliefs are a powerful manipulator of the mind, and that’s
where we got ‘infested’ with this highly contagious ‘mind disease’.
First deliberately planted by some ‘smart asses’, this bug has turned now into a
full blown pandemic, into a psychic epidemic of global proportion!

5 What went wrong

“…not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer,
but man himself is man’s greatest danger,
for the simple reason
that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics,
are infinitely more devastating than the worst natural catastrophes.

The supreme danger which threatens individuals as well as whole nations,
is a psychic danger !

Reason has proved itself completely powerless, precisely because arguments have only an effect on the conscious mind and not on the unconscious.
The greatest danger comes from the masses, in which the effects of the unconscious pile-up cumulatively and the reason of the conscious mind is stifled. Every mass organization is a latent danger, just as much as a heap of dynamite. It lets loose effects which no man wants, and no man can stop.
It is therefore absolutely necessary to spread a knowledge of psychology so
that men can understand the source of the supreme dangers that threaten them.”  C.G. Jung

Humans can be classified as social beings, meaning that they have a ‘social brain’
with a highly developed collective intelligence. Millions of years this Symbiotic intelligence
has worked for us, and was very successful even without complex linguistic,
or the written Law & Order of today’s civilization.
The Sub-consciousness is the most powerful processor of our mind and the gateway
to our perception of the world, the founder & author of any conscious awareness.
This is where our multisensory experience stimulates our ‘Empathy Neurons’,
the key to our Social-Emotional Intelligence which is consequently controlling our entire social behavior.
This Subconsciousness is a wide open ‘backdoor’ to our mind, and also the entrance point
for the mind-altering processes of conditioning & affirmation.
This can be a very useful thing, as we get some ‘fresh air’ in, and our more familiar ‘friends‘ can drop-in any time.
But we never know ‘which way the wind blows’, and what sort of dirt it can blow in.
Any unwanted visitor or crook can walk just right into our home and violate our privacy.
So, we should be vigilant about this opening, always alert what is coming in thru this backdoor !
But, as we can see everywhere, most people are not aware of this situation,
we have never learned anything about these facts…
                       – and our kids will never be taught either!

Unaware about this backdoor, and unconscious about subconciousness,
we get first spiritually brainwashed, then socially manipulated,
and finally economically deprived of our habitat…
– we get screwed every day, – over and over again.

Terror-Managment copy

Transmitted thru the gateway of subconsciousness and via our Social Intelligence,
these ‘mind-boggling’ ideas, became highly contagious.
The uncontrolled infiltration of the individual mind, and the nature of our social behavior
helped spreading this ‘virus’. This cancerous belief system has transformed our healthy
Collective Consciousness into a collective disease of conformism & mass movement.

 hierarchical organisations everywhere

Only religious & political propaganda seem to understand these psychological mechanisms,
constantly selling us out to the wheelers & dealers of commerce.
With highly sophisticated marketing concepts they re-engineer our social behavior on a daily basis.
Now they have redesigned & manipulated our entire perception of life.
By abusing our Social Intelligence, they transformed us into this homogeneous mass,
which most of us belief, is the best way to lead & control the collective movements of the people.

Distracting & numbing our conscious awareness is the game of the day.
Manipulation of the mind
This way we allow
an unrestricted use
of our subconscious gateway,
involuntarily authorizing
the direct access to our mind
and surrendering control & conditioning
of our social behavior
to somebody else .



From Neuromarketing to Brainfluence,
our ‘preverbal brain’ is constantly bombarded
with images, sent & sound to manipulate our
habits & behaviors, our entire life,
from the cradle to the grave !

Lured by promises & insurance we now belief in these preposterous suggestions of a fixed,
linear, hierarchic world-order. The monotony of this mantra has made us, collectively
numb & dumb, incapable of make any eco-logical or contextual decision.

Giving up our free will & choice, our Wisdom and our very own ‘Holy Spirit’,
also means to sacrifice of our personal freedom & independence.
We became political & economical subjects, a ‘social security ’ number,
tossed around by mindless statistics and controlled by powerful emotion induced by modern mass-media.
As much as this approach has manipulated & misused the ideas of the democratic process,
it has taken our social  instincts of compassion & cooperation and turned it into something very bizarre,
a ‘social’ delusion !
Today’s mass-movements and social organizations are just a farce, a complete derailment
of social interaction, a mind disease where a sociopath leads a group of psychopaths.

Fascism is the mutation of a social movement,

– and, in its cancerous nature, has undermined every mass movement
and almost all of our social & commercial activities on this planet.
The fascistic principals come to life as soon as a group of individuals give up their identity,
surrender their ‘Self’ and devote their life to a ‘higher cause’ or institution.

The systematic destruction of the individual spirit is pivotal for a fascistic system
to function properly; this way we have bred whole nations of cannon-fodder & consumer-junkies.
The concept of ownership & copy-right extended into the realm of spirituality,
claiming possession of everybody’s mind body & soul.
Surrendering our personal identity means loosing our personality, the ‘ego-center’,
our emotional & intellectual foundation.
We then no longer ‘belong to our Self’, we replaced it with another man’s idea,
a bigger organization, a better institution, a more important movement, a ‘higher cause
or just another ‘colour of the flag’.
With no personal view-point or perception, we have no bearings,
we live in a mental darkness unable to illuminate the ‘path’ we walk on,
or recognize the environment we live in.Slavery

By loosing this backbone of conscious awareness,
we are just left with a limited personal responsibility,
just responding to the hierarchic laws of ownership,
just answering to those who hold the title to our life.




With no orientation we have to rely on outside guidance and the leadership of others.
People become dependent & addictive, they swallow every pill or slogan they are fed.
A social individual seeks self-identification by following a greater cause, an Idol, the Flag or ‘Das Reich’.

Today, Globalization means debt-enslavement, not only for some nations,
but for the entire population on this planet, the 99.999% of us, born into debt & obligations.

Fascistic organizations and capitalistic institutions have now undermined
every aspect of our lives, from education & science to art & entertainment,
from family & friends to office & home.

This linear hierarchic paradigm has worked sufficiently for a couple of thousand years,
and still is the ne-plus-ultra for the rich & famous, and of course the holy ‘sacrament’
of the powerful & righteous.

The rest of us, still live in a haze of delusion & incompetence, mentally & physically enslaved.
Don’t forget, this is monoculture and everything is marching in one direction, everybody looks up – and shits down…




With growing populations, expanding empires and global corporations,
not only the individual looses control of his/her life, but also the leaders & experts of society
loose oversight & control of the system; – they are absolute clueless what to do !
We became a species completely estranged from our habitat.
The intolerance of nationalism & patriotism has nothing to do with the original notion
of ‘strength through unity’, it is just a mutation of our social behavior, a mental dysfunction,
spread by ideas of mass-movement and the political Doctrine of Fascism !


Blinded by our progress in knowledge & technology we have not much advanced in our Psychosomatic capacities,
                          our Socio Ecological mind got stuck in a 5000 year old experiment.

As we can learn from ecology, an uprooted twig dries out very quickly, looses its flexibility and gets brittle.
A bundle of those fasces is good to start a fire, or fix a hole in a dam, but is useless
when it comes to a sustainable existence in a constantly changing environment.

10 United we are strong

Tied up spiritually and dried out intellectually,
the individual members of our society
are unable to adapt to their ecosystem   
or continue to evolve with their habitat.

To understand the nature of the Fascistic idea, or any subsequent political movement,
we have to understand the psychological make-up of the individual.
We have to examine our Self, and study the logistics of our mind.
We need to know how our psyche works, how it effects us personally & collectively,
and that it all has to function in conjunction with our environment.

We have to understand that there is no Altruism without a healthy egoism of the donor !

What we all need, and what is the most important objective in once life, is a personal change of attitude,
a fundamental healing process of the mind, a shift from paranoia to metanoia !


To look for collective measures is just reinforcing the mass-mindedness of fascism,
and is not more than another affirmation of the linear hierarchic paradigm.
Throughout the centuries we have seen that the so much-needed ‘collective’ change
or Paradigm-Shift has never come thru a mass movement,   – but  will come from within the individual.

From Buddha to Jesus, from C.J. Jung to Gandhi,
they all have focused on the enlightenment & change of the individual.
It is all about the change of perception, a question of self-reflection and the psychoanalysis of our life …
– but in its socio-ecological context.

Yes, you can transform survival into living;
You can find strength, not in force but in co-operation;

We all can learn & teach the art of co-existence & co-creation,
how to communicate & co-ordinate our visions with others.

By understanding the dynamic of peer pressure & leadership,
 we can find a consensus in the process of free choice. 

It is the nature of a social being,
  to stay in balance & harmony with his environment…

…with eternal life…

…loving it…