In regards to our general Love-for-Wisdom and all the philosophic discourses out there,
I would like to share some observations.

Philosophers & Abstract Thinkers

Most of today’s Love-for-Wisdom, also called ‘Philosophy’ is stumbling over Linguistic terms
and is getting lost in the entourage of historic theories and outdated knowledge;
– as in:’ – missing the forest for the trees‘.
All our economic & political thinking, as well as arts & entertainment, have ‘divorced’ themselves
from the psycho(-life)-dynamics of our natural environment.
Same with science & education, they are cought in a linear, hierarchic Weltbild or Paradigm
which separates & divides everything along the Lines of Property & Entitlements.
Now we are treating, not only land, water & people as a Commodity or Tangible Asset,
but also Ideas, Theories & Melodies became an Intellectual Property !

With the Law & Order of Monotheism came the Belief in a primal Good or Bad,
the Delusion of a Beginning & End and the idea of an absolute Truth.
Everything gets divided into right & wrong, and is then, intellectually or physically,
defended along these terms of Logic.
Centuries of manipulation & indoctrination have compromised our social-emotional-intelligence,
beaten the last ‘common sense‘ out of us, and infested us with some mental viruses
so that we ended up in a state of despair, with a mental disease of pandemic proportions-(Jung)

Thru the compromising nature of Empathy we have disconnected ourselves,
not only from our natural environment but also from our fellow man.
All the collective, integrating & cooperating social traits of Homo Sapience (man of Wisdom)
are now replaced by the Law & Order of the Abrahamic Religions.
With the loss of our Common Sense we also forgot how to co-create consensus thru Free Will & free Choice,
and Interconnectivity & Synergy became incomprehensive concepts for us.
I think that only concepts or ideas which are not compromised by the idea of proprietorship
have the substance of being relevant & applicable.
Of course everything is connected and if we observe our natural environment we will learn that very idea,
theory or creation is a collective achievement and is never-ever Absolute or even Finished;
– everything is Related, Interconnected or Interwoven and beyond right & wrong.

Only our ‘Love for Wisdom’ can sense these Correlations and teach us
how to navigate thru this ‘Wilderness’ or ‘Chaos’ of Eternal Life.
Realizing that there is only one ‘truth’ and that this Truth is constantly changing,
embraces the idea of progress in a dynamic, non-linear motion.
Eco-dynamic Balance & Harmony can only be found thru correspondence,
cooperation & collaboration with our environment, and our fellow man, as a whole.
This whole integration requires an revitalizes Consciousness, another kind of abstract thinking,
this different ‘Level of Thinking‘ Einstein was talking about.
In metaphorical terms I call this ‘Wisdom Generator’ a ‘digestive’ process,
which ‘ferments’ our personal memories & knowledge with our psychosomatic experiences,
and then ‘amalgamates’ everything with our collective consciousness.

Philosophy & Psychology are the most fundamental traits of our intelligence and therefore
most important for everybody’s, very own personal Life.
Within the healing process of our Psyche we will find a new Vision of Intellectual Properties.

The art of co-creating a Synergy-of-Consensus and developing a common sense of Cloud-Intelligence 
by collaborating within our ecosystems, is an interdisciplinary inspiration of a Philosophy in Motion

Celtic Knot-2

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The problems we are facing today are symptomatic for the absence of real philosophical thinking…

– and there is definitely no Wisdom left in politics & economics !  

Philosophy Dept.

Far removed from the original wisdom of social emotional intelligence,
modern man is unable to manage his social economic issues !

Unfortunately Philosophy has dispositioned itself out of reality.
Love & Wisdom are simply the most fundamental traits of Human existence.

Our Philosophies remain linguistically suggestive, Paradigm-affirmative and
analytically trapped in a dualistic mind-frame with linear, hierarchic symmetry.

Like a Dead Language PHILOSOPHY was reduced to a historic analysis
or a justification of outdated ideas & thinking patterns.

Remember, PHILOSOPHY is so useless that it cannot even pull a dog out of its house (Hegel)

As far as I can see, today’s PHILOSOPHIES are not what they say they are,
they became irrelevant and spiritually dead.

– To be relevant means to be practical & applicable !

PHILOSOPHY became an unnecessary subject in modern life,
an unproductive discipline in a world where only tangible properties count.

32 At the End

To understand the co-creative nature of PHILOSOPHY we need to look at
the interrelationships it bears to other cognitive disciplines;

we have to rediscover the Synergy & vitality in PHILOSOPHY
together with all the correlations it creates in our overall consciousness.

Commemorate the Gift

PHILOSOPHY is the essence of our consciousness,
a vital part of our intelligence and our perception of the world.

To all the philosophers & abstract thinkers out there:
never forget that PHILOSOPHY is simply our LOVE for WISDOM and…

that this HOLY SOPHIA is a spiritual or mental Compass,
our Guidance System thru the Chaos of eternal Life.


LOVE is an e-motion, our feeling for Completion, our sense for Harmony & Balance in Life;

Good + Bad

LOVE might be our most important ‘Sense‘, keeping us in touch with our fellow man,
our environment and the organic synergy of co-creation

Our WISDOM keeps us in motion by constantly balancing & harmonizing our Self with the rest of creation,

and in the context of social emotional intelligence,
this LOVE for WISDOM is the most important trait in human existence.

A PHILOSOPHY does not emerge out of nothing,
nor does it dwell in separation from other disciplines or subjects.

Since nothing is isolated or exists on its own,
WISDOM & LOVE perceive everything in a wHolistic context.

WISDOM & LOVE operate in the present moment they connect & incorporate everything right Here & Now

We have to understand that our entire collective & individual experiences synthesize & amalgamate in our WISDOM,

We need this WISDOM to ‘ferment’ our experiences with other ideas,
to amalgamate our knowledge with Inspirations & Intuition,

PHILOSOPHY develops this Imagination & Vision we so desperately seeking
to co-create our Self, our Life, our World.

This is why PHILOSOPHY is the essential ‘liquid’ of any abstract thinking and its co-creativity.

Without PHILOSOPHY we have no foundation, no common sense and we become irresponsible subjects.

Without that WISDOM Homo Sapiens (Latin: ‘wise man’) has transformed into Homo-Insipience

Homo Insipiens

True WISDOM & LOVE can be identified by their simplicity & universal relevance.

True WISDOM & LOVE do not discriminate in any way or form,
they are equally accessible for everybody on this planet;

Remember Heraclitus: Though WISDOM is common, yet many live as if they had WISDOM of their own.

PHILOSOPHY is not just a bunch of schools & theories about the meaning of life,
waiting to be debated by some nerds in ivory towers;

PHILOSOPHY has nothing to do with ridged formulas & belief systems or anything we have to follow or obey;

No, PHILOSOPHY is in constant motion, giving us the bearings,
the mental attitude & motivation to make intelligent choices in the Here & Now.

PHILOSOPHY is simply alive !
Forget all the stuff they taught you in school,
just go for it and find out for yo’self

Twain on Education

A linear, hierarchic Paradigm, a Mindset of Dominance & Possession,
has poisoned our LOVE and contaminated our WISDOM;

a Religion of Good & Evil, keeping its Order with Rewards & Punishments,
has made LOVE a part of its dogmatic thinking;

Gunning-down People

a Belief in Property & Entitlements has incorporated our WISDOM into
the Ideologies & Doctrines of its absurd concepts;

Crime against Humanity

A chauvinistic mono-culture has manipulated & transformed PHILOSOPHY
into a mental discipline or school-of-thinking;

The Danger of a Monoculture

PHILOSOPHY became a system-justifying interpretation of the world,
not as it is, but as we think it should be;

hypothetical Laws have disenfranchised our entire social emotional intelligence
and established a World Order of Domination & Exploitation;

this Linear Paradigm of separation & segregation has systematically disconnected
our species from our environment & habitat

Since PHILOSOPHY became an obscurity in our tangible world, whole societies turned absolutely insane.

3 Thinking

The absence of flux & plasticity in PHILOSOPHY made it a useless & irrelevant byproduct of rational science

If we want Relevance & Meaning in Life,
our PHILOSOPHIES need a fundamental change,
a completely new approach,
something that brakes the ‘cast’ and sets everything in motion.

1 Albert-Problem

Any PHILOSOPHY which is trying to establish itself
and is not reflecting constant transformation,
is just another ideology.

All those who are not sharing & contributing their LOVE & WISDOM freely,
do not understand the meaning of PHILOSOPHY

PHILOSOPHY is an e-motional process where LOVE combines all
the attributes of common knowledge & personal experience within its WISDOM.

From science, health & education, to psychology, spirituality & social-economics,
every individual has to develop their own PHILOSOPHY

WISDOM is the essence of rational thinking and Inspiration
but it is also a floodgate, the Gateway to our Subconsciousness

How can we find a Primal Reason if we fear to enter the premises of Life, our Psyche ?
Life is so certain, – lets move on with-in it !

The Philosophy-in-Motion is the most comprehensive & relevant Way-of-Thinking today;
generating a Wisdom which can provide comprehensive answers,
and guidance on our most profound Quests in Life.

Wisdom is not just Knowledge or Experience,
Wisdom simply IS