The problems we are facing today are symptomatic for the absence of philosophical thinking.
This ‘Love for Wisdom’ became an unnecessary subject in ‘modern’ life, an
impractical & unproductive discipline in a world where only tangible properties count.
Our ‘modern’ way of thinking is manipulated & indoctrinated by a monotheistic Belief in a
linear, hierarchic World Order, a system which is possessive & dominant in its nature,
and which divides & separates everything along the line of some rigid Laws of entitlements.

Since this way of thinking wants to isolate Philosophy from the other scientific disciplines,
it is no wonder that any traditional definition has its difficulties to outline its curriculum.

Philosophy or the ‘Seeking of Wisdom’ is the essence of our consciousness,
a vital part of our intelligence and our perception of the world.
A Philosophy does not emerge out of nothing, nor does it exist
in separation from other disciplines or subjects.

On the contrary, our Philosophy is in constant interaction with our environment,
receiving & processing intellectual stimuli & challenges from the outside world
as well as from within our mind. Philosophy is like an intellectual ‘enzyme’
and absolutely necessary for the ‘digestive’ processes of the mind.
We need this wisdom to ‘ferment’ our experiences with other ideas,
to amalgamate our knowledge with Inspirations & Intuition, this philosophy develops
the Imagination & vision we so desperately seeking to co-create our Life, our world.

Therefore to better understand the co-creative nature of Philosophy we have to look at
the interrelationships it bears to other cognitive disciplines,
and the correlations it creates in our overall consciousness.

From science, health & education, to psychology, spirituality & social-economics,
every individual has to develop their own Philosophy which will open the door
to self-understanding, interconnect them with the rest of creation,
and guides them thru the chaos of life.