– in regards to RIO Earth Summit and beyond,

12 Hope

What we experience here & now is not just the global collapse of a social economic system created by a linear hierarchic Paradigm, -no, this is the fulfillment and the final results of a 5000 year old hierarchic, chauvinistic belief.
Our narcissistic belief, in the divine entitlements’  to dominate & exploit the rest of ‘creation’,
has arrived at the ‘end’ of its narrow-minded vision, at the borderline, the horizon of its distorted perception.

It is the nature of this ‘Linear Paradigm’ itself, to ‘think in a box’, to call for an ending, a collapse,
to look for a final destination, – the good old ‘Paradise’…, – and of course, all this is going hand in hand with the death & destruction of ‘Bad & Evil’ and the endless wars of our ‘civilization’.
This limited & restricted view of an ‘absolute’ Truth got us into a devastating imbalance & disharmony
with our Self and the environment. The multifaceted fragmentation of life was squeezed into an hierarchic order
with concepts of segregation, separation & isolation.
We have to understand that all our ideas of social reform, democracy, health & education etc., are also saturated
with the conditioned beliefs of a ‘lost paradise’, the law & order of reward & punishment, growth & expansion…
By replacing spirituality with dogmatic religions, and loosing sight of the dynamic relationship between
an eco-nomy and its eco-logy, we have created a ‘Phantom Economy’, dominating all aspects of our life.

Consequently most of our activities and ‘green solutions’ turn out to be just another affirmation of this Linear Paradigm        

same old habits in green camouflage.

Activists & non-activists, don’t fool yourselves, this world-eco-nomy, will & has to fail, come down and crash,
just the way it was designed to do. Hanging-on to this illusion, in any way or form, will just disappoint you,
take you down into the abyss, the Armageddon of this belief ! The Leaders and Experts of our civilization are clueless
and have not the slightest idea how to cope with the challenges of today. – Just preaching hope and making money.

We had enough revolutions, reforms or corrections, but all without a serious consideration of our most important players:
‘Mother’ Nature, – our habitat, and our-self, the co-creator of all this.
Man-made or not, in Nature there is no Good & Bad, just weather and other natural occurrences…

– so, what are we going to do about it, how do we adapt ?
Do your math, how much money is there to pay, for fresh water, good soil and clean air ?

Price of justice



– or how much is a shrimp worth ?

– and the plundering of the earth is paralleled
  by the plundering of the human spirit !



Just the idea of the ‘99%’ shows how far & deep the delusions go.
This figure might reflect the situation in the US & Europe, but falls short in light of a 7-billion-plus world population!
Yes, just count your zeros, when viewing this in global context, these numbers become more like 99.9999% vs. 0.0001%,
where less than 7000 multi-billionaires seem to possess the whole globe and everything within & on it !

Do your math, the ‘99%’ of the ‘West’, roughly 700 million people, represent just the ‘wealthy’ top 10%
of the world population, and are now envied by billions of people in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen,
Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan etc.etc.
In the meantime the Joe Six-Packs, the Joe Blow Millionaires and the hopeful Wannabes are fighting-it-out on wall street; – all missing the point, distracted and blinded by the light, they go for the same old, same old B S…
Just responsable to their own philosophies of entitlement, these 0.0001%, the freeloaders & sociopath of society,
have always taken more than their free share of creation.

Hierarchic Perception of Life



A hirarchic linear thinking has completely
corrupted our social behaviour,
and The Idea of Fascism has turned it
into a highly contagious ‘mind disease’,
a psycho-pandemic of global proportion.


While deceiving the rest of us with theories of ‘divine’ justifications,
these few individuals have grabbed every little piece of land & sea there is.
Now they have wasted & exploited all the soil & water of the earth, have abused & polluted the air we breath,
– and are still fighting over the loot…

While the baron fights for all,
and the cleric prays for all,
the serf keeps working…
– for all of the above.

This 5000 year old hierarchic belief system has created a Pseudo Economy’,
based on the mental & physical enslavement of the ‘lower’ masses.
This is a gigantic pyramid scheme, where money became the ‘purpose’, ‘reason’ & ‘method’ to keep things going,
by creating imbalances & addictions of any kind, just to keep the established order in place.
These trillions of $, € or Yen, we, the ‘cannon-fodder’, the 99.9999%, supposedly owe or chasing-after,

– are just some Bogus Money, a Time-Frame,Empires for Water
or just some non existing toilet paper;
but definitely a mirage or illusion of value
in the context of a real Life…

– totally oblivious of the eco-dynamics
   and the balance & harmony in real Time…



All the social ‘economic’ principles of today
are out-of-balance with global reality,
in disharmony with life,
and in direct contradiction to sustainability. We have challenged the great immune systems of Life,
and there is no doubt that the Balance in nature will be restored, with or without us.
Now one has to ask himself : Where do I belong is this scenario ?

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking !”
  ~ Einstein

Only a fundamental change of our personal philosophy, will bring us the necessary awareness
and the new perception we so desperately need for a Paradigm Shift !
This will take down the fences, walls & barriers separating us from the ‘Garden Eden’,
dissolve our isolation and re-unite us with the rest of creation.

31 erasing barriers