Once upon a time there was …


From Sesame Street to Wall Street, from Bollywood to Tiananmen Square,
a holistic, sometimes satiric review of the ‘soap-operetta’ productions in the power centers of the world.
A look behind the distractions & deceptions the global Oligarchy has prepared for us.

Sunrise - really

An analysis of the performances, created & directed by puppet-politicians and economic con artists.

From the Euro-land Show to the Presidential-Election Circus, from the Kardashian Zoo to the House of Windsor, there is a lot of entertainment out there, numbing & polluting our minds.
Highlighting the famous acts of privatization, – raking in profits with justice & education.
Trying to make sense of a culture which has replaced real education with conditioning,
turning whole generations into smart phone addicts & I-Pot junkies.      Homo Sociopathis

Revealing a cancerous paradigm, a mental disease, where a constant affirmation of growth & expansion
has created the Precariat of modern society.
– Yes, the appetite for cannon-fodder has not vanished with the abolishment of aristocracies & dictatorships,
in the contrary, it is now more alive than ever.
The new bullies on the block, the sociopaths of our society have created a new kind of oligarchy. They call themselves multinational investors & philanthropists, and they are specialized in the game of ‘economics’.
Their playing-field is everything-we-can-imagine and nothing is sacred.
They play with our common, global resources and bank with the GDP of whole Nations.
Their ‘power-players’ are the labor-forces of ‘Emerging Countries’ and the consumers on one hand,
governments and privatized security forces on the other, all guaranteeing power & profit for just a handful.
Securing the freedom to do their business is top priority, justifying wars to keep their peace.
Controlling research & education is maintaining the law & order of the hierarchic, chauvinistic belief system.

And here & now they are celebrating their Dementia, where the ‘leaders & experts’ of society have completely ignored and totally forgotten that:

Ecology is the Mother of Economics!

And from the ‘Planet of the Apes’ to Washington DC, from Caesar to Obama,
we are still celebrating all kinds & forms of the Fascistic idea.

Fascism is everywhere

As long as we are trapped in the belief that we are superior creatures,
the ‘chosen-ones’ to conquer & control the chaos of wilderness,
blindly following the myth of an absolute good & evil,
and just hope that hard work will spare us from total annihilation…


– I’m hopelessly optimistic
that the eternal Life, or Psyche,
will teach
us the lessons we so desperately longing for.

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