or, your Freedom of Choice, your Self and the Co-creation in Eternal Life.

Gravestone copy

By asking the Fundamental Questions of Life I’m trying to set things in motion.
Inquest & Response create a Dynamic learning process of Constant Transformation.


Reality is multidimensional and in constant motion.
Objectivity is an illusion – everything is a Perception !
We are unable to perceive the complexity of Life thru a single perspective.
Only our Social Emotional Intelligence enables us to look at things from multiple perspectives;
– thru the eyes of our fellow man !

Across these websites I have address the core issues of our existence.
All of these pages are pivotal and should not be see as separate identities.
Not only are we physically connected to the rest of creation or the universe, but also our
thoughts & ideas are somehow, somewhere associated, interdependent & interconnected,
weaving a mental or ‘spiritual’  network across time & space.


All theories & beliefs of humanity are coming with a whole entourage of questions & concepts,
which, on their part, require a closer examination and continue to create more ideas & inspirations in return.
By various kinds of communication the individual & collective experience of our ancestors has been passed-on to us. Thru hundreds of generations this endless process of transformation, mutation & change has created a collective knowledge, our collective consciousness & sub-consciousness of today.

Collective Consciousness

In Real Life everything is in flux and in constant motion, nothing stands still or disappears,
there is no place for rigidity, nothing is ‘Final’ or conclusive ~ 

There is only One Truth
and that Truth is Constantly Changing !

Life is constant change

To be true to this fundamental experience of constant motion, to be responsive to the constant changes of life
and to function in this natural wilderness of constantly-changing-circumstances,the individual has to be able
to navigate its way thru the mystery & ‘chaos’ of creation. But there comes the shortfall,
intellectually & psychologically we are absolutely handicapped & ill-equipped for this journey.
A hierarchic chauvinistic belief system took charge of our life by obligating & devoting our Self to an external,
ultimate force or power.  – Heteronomy
Allegory of Complacency
By overwriting our Free Will with the obedience to an extra-social authority we ultimately lost our autonomy
and replaced our free choice with some arbitrary concept of Law & Order.
It is the nature of this linear, dualistic concept to keep everything separated, divided & in-line with the
pyramidic design of this worldview. It is in the absolute interest of this system to keep us in the dark about
our own psyche and uneducated about everything else outside this solid ‘structure’.

This leaves us unable to cope with the fluctuations and constant changes of our natural realities.
Out-of-touch with reality and clueless about our environment we have collectively entered a psychological state
of multi-sensory numbness, intellectual denial and social-economic ignorance.
To find our Self, our center in the cyclone of life, to regain some kind of psychosomatic health
and receive our autonomy back, we have to change our ways, shift to a different level of thinking.

1 Albert-Problem


This necessary Shift, I’m talking about, is not so much a Change on a environmental,
social or economic level, as it is a healing process of our individual psyche.
As we realize our inability to control our technological endeavors on this planet,
and the complete loss of our social-emotional orientation & balance in life,
our psychosomatic shortcomings become more apparent.
Obviously, this collective failure of human culture has something to do with our
fundamental way of thinking, our primordial beliefs & philosophies.
5000 years of social experimentation should have taught us that Real Freedom
can not be achieved on a collective basis.
Mass movements and individual freedom have completely different dynamics,
and whoever thinks otherwise, has not understood the fundamentals of life,
and has no clue about the real eco
logic & economic principals of our existence.
While the leaders & experts of our culture are still stuck in some 5000 year old belief system,
and the ‘great’ thinkers of our time are still struggling with some outdated ideas & theories of a linear,
hierarchic world order, – a ‘breathtaking’ technology is driving us over the ‘Cliff of No-Return’.

That would be fine as long as the people would know what they are doing,
and everybody would be happy or content with it.
But most people are not, they have no clue about themselves or anything else,
and they have no idea what is going on in their lives
Emotional consciousness & knowledge are necessary to make the shift from fighting for survival
to a life in harmony & balance, to live in peace with our habitat, our self & others.
There is no real change without a healing & re-building process of our mental infrastructure.
                 – That means linguistically, social-emotionally & philosophically.

On these pages I’m addressing the mechanics & logistics of this, not so new, Level of Thinking.

36 Change of Life

As soon as we become aware of our physical & mental interrelationship with everything & everybody,
our ‘horizon of consciousness’ will widen and we will be able to experience
the multi dimensional depth & complexity of our creation;
~ like the sun rises from the bottom of the ocean.

By then we should have realize that all our rationality in regards to matter & time is
entirely theoretical & speculative, and that all our findings are just an approximation.
We have to except the fact that every time we come up with some measurement or ‘final’ result,
it is already outdated & inaccurate because time has passed,
everything has moved from its original position and/or changed its condition.
Like growing vegetables or observing the weather,
we can only project or estimate the changing direction of a motion.
– nothing is Final, just an Illusion of a Beginning and Ending

PI Formula of Motion

All our efforts to contain, limit or restrict something, can only be momentary,
they are presumptive and ‘strictly’ hypothetical,
any other belief is outright infantile, silly & dangerous !

Nothing endures but Change ~ Heraclitus

Real Life is not build on assumptions !
Nothing is Complete, just in a process of completion.

 Nothing is Complete 

Up or Down, Back & Forth, Good or Bad, Life & Death, etc.
are critical coordinates & pivotal points in navigating our Self
thru our existence right Here & Now,
but they are NOT the absolute Beginning or the ultimate End of all;
They are just a turning point, a Junction or Transition in our Life.
Add Expensive & Cheap to the equation and you see how ridicules all this is
when dealing with the real dynamics of Life and the flow of Energies 


And contrary to popular belief,
we do have unlimited Choices and a free Will.

So what can we do ?

To regain some kind of sanity, it is absolutely necessary to untangle & re-wire all our mental functions
and re-program our social behavior; we have to regain our multisensory awareness and co-create
a Cloud-Network, not only with our Social Group, but also with our natural environment.
To deal with the Motion of Life we need to regain our emotional intelligence,
this different kind of thinking humanity has left behind, long time ago.

By approaching & ‘illuminating’ the issues from different angles,
I tried to create more contrast and a better depth perception for the open-minded thinker.
This is a cloud network of Ideas where everything is connected and you are invited
to pick & choose whatever you need, whenever you want.


On these pages you won’t find a hidden agenda in green camouflage or a new social-economic theory,
trying to ‘sell’ you some new ideas, ideology, book or any other gadgets…
This is not some spiritual mambo-jumbo, mindless stuff you can find ‘out there’ any time & anywhere.
This is not just empty talk of somebody who misunderstands the ‘signs of the time
This is for those who have realized that the causes & solutions to our problems can only
be found behind & beyond the materialistic or physical appearance.

3 Thinking

In these writings I am addressing & analyzing the most important issues of our existence.
By asking some simple but fundamental questions I am trying to Inspire the reader
to dig deeper into his or her own psyche and rediscover all our connectivities.

Here I’m trying to assist those who have awakened to the fact that all of these issues
are just symptoms of a serious malfunction in the human mind, that as a Whole, all these are a
serious matter of psychosomatic imbalances & dis-harmonies, a disrupted flow of Synergy.

29a Free- Goethe copy


“The truth
has been kept from the depth of their minds
by masters who rule them with lies.
They feed them on falsehoods
till wrong looks like right in their eyes.”
Goethe 1812





So be aware,
that only your own, personal thoughts & experience reconnect with your sub-conscious mind;
– this guaranties your independent Will;
that only your inner multisensory compass’ will find balance & harmony within your
natural environment, your social network or collective
– only then you are able to choose freely.

In these pages you might find the spiritual substance which was systematically removed
from your life by religious indoctrination and cultural conditioning.

As soon as we realize that this is ‘as good as it gets‘,
that we have never been evicted from paradise,
that we are an integrated part of creation,
– our purpose in life will change,
our reason of being will transform
and our mind will shift to this, so urgently necessary,
Different Level of Thinking.

41 y & y copy

As in real life, there is no linear, hierarchic or consecutive order to these writings
You can begin any time & anywhere, and still, you will arrive at the same primeval,
dynamic core of energy from where you departed and everything originates,
– just with a slightly different perception and maybe a little bit wiser.

All consciousness, separates & distinguishes, this is the nature of an catalytic mind
and constitutes our scientific & technological intelligence;
– this Consciousness can be seen as the enlightenment of the Ego.
But as there is no real division between consciousness and sub-consciousness,
all the emotions & ‘instincts’, guiding us thru the world beyond space & time,
dwell in the ‘darker’ parts of sub-consciousness.
This is where we digest & ferment knowledge & experiences,
where we create solutions by correlating, combining & uniting everything with our 3I’s
Dreams, Visions and the 3I’s have3Is always played an integral part in
the spiritual world of our ancestors.

This rudiment form of Cloud Networking did not just amalgamated a collective subconsciousness
with the individual awareness, but also connected generations of people in the past, present & future,
                                                                                                                                                      – Our Future

On this inspirational level of thinking we don’t find the restrictions & limitations of space & time;
this is where our social emotional intelligence synthesizes our personal knowledge & emotions
with the ideas & thoughts of others, a dynamic co-creational process which highly depends on the
multisensory awareness & sensitivity of its individual members or participants.

Sub-Consciousness is the gateway to our Self and our natural environment,
re-connecting us with the ‘matrix’, the cloud-network of co-creation.
This is where the Wisdom dwells, ultimately re-uniting us with everything,
making us whole, filling the void with a more ‘Holy-stic Spirit’.
Re-introducing us to a spirituality which ‘modern’ men has simply replaced
with ridicules & senseless religious dogmas.

Free Will ?

One key element of self-consciousness is the ability to become a
co-creative & responsible part of the eternal life cycle.


Decisions are made in response to circumstances,
but Choices make us co-creators of these circumstances.

The principles of ‘Free Will’ or ‘Freedom of Choice‘ have always been a fundamental issue in
philosophy & psychology or for science & religion.
In my article Decision Points I have already tried to explain the difference between
choosing & decision-making, but just from a social-political point of view.

Rather making a proactive choice now,
than responding with a reactive decision later
reflects a conscious state of mind.

The Dilemma of Determinism’, where physical circumstances & events forces us to
behave involuntarily, is a classic & unsolvable problem in hierarchic linear thinking.
Of course we cannot find a solution, because Free Will does not work in a ridged & restricted environment, locked in a box of conventions, conformity & subordination.
Free Choice has slipped from our minds and was replaced by a concept of decision making.
These Decisions are regulated & controlled by a linear paradigm which
selects & segregates everything by hierarchic principles & values.
This has created a world of Right & Wrong, Haves & Have-nots, Leaders & Followers…
– from the Beginning to the End of Life, we perceive everything to be ‘On the Top‘ or the Bottom of Things.

Our Religious Belief in Law & Order is the Mother of all Prohibitions.
A Perception of life, written in Stone, has set all our Standards of existence.

As Good only exists in the presents of Evil, so became the concept of Freedom an integral part
of proprietorship, a simple pyramid scheme with twisted ideas of ‘economics.
Meaning, without property we have nothing, we are nothing, just a peasant, a serf or ‘consumer’,
just a number in the statistic or polls of our Landlords & Creditors.

– we do not even have the Freedom of choice where we want to live or what we want to do with Our Life…

Just Torches for Freedom, the illusion of free choice in a free market economy ! 

Torches of Freedom

Now we are segregated from the rest of creation, we have subordinated our personal life
to some higher authority. Our Free Will became the subject of entitlement, permission & mercy,
– the principle of Kissing Up and Kicking Down’ was born.



All our principles of Fate,
our concepts of Karma & Reincarnation
and the doctrine of Original Sin
are just reflecting this same old theory
that all things & events are
a predetermined destiny.

Westward Expansion copy





As soon as this ridiculous ideas planted
their seed into the minds of our ancestors,
real Freedom was demonized as chaos & anarchy.


Freedom is just a synonym for Unrestricted Flow or Free Movement, for Roaming, Drifting & Developing,
just another word for the Constant Change we are longing for, but so many of us are afraid of.

– The entire 10 + Commandments of the Abrahamic Religions are just addressing
the distribution & protection of mental & physical properties.

12 Hope
But their ideas of Law & Order,
Ethics or Justice have nothing
to do with spirituality,
they just stir-up a great fear
of consequences & punishments,
and hand-out Faith & Hope
for reward & redemption.


– all these ideas have created a deep Angst,
a great anxiety among the people of this planet;
these theories put all Life (psyche) under constant Stress ‘to have or not-to-have’,
where only ‘tangible’ things make sense and just possessions count,

– the collective Paranoia of our civilization.

Combining the ‘Right-of-Ownership’ with the natural phenomena of genetic inheritance,
where the traits & features of the parents are passed-on to their offsprings,
created the common belief & illusion that these ‘Rights’ are a natural predisposition,
a God-given Law & Order of Life. (Leviticus 20:24)
Monotheism has translated this theory into some fundamental, but ‘capitalistic’ concepts
where properties can be handed down from generation to generation by birthright.
As soon as this belief became the ‘Almighty Law’, the race for the best & biggest chunk
of property was on its way.

Palestinian farmers sit in front of a di


Landgrab and the exploitation
of man & beast
became the spiritual mission
of conquest & expansion.

Constant Growth became
the New ! and the Good !


Consequently, all this is followed by envy & greed; trespassing boundaries and breaking the rules
is punished by the rules of Law & Order – simple fighting has turned into endless wars.                         




Fighting for survival
Fighting for a better life
Fighting for equality
Fighting for freedom,
Fighting for justice
Fighting for …                                                                      

Now, most people associate Justice with Freedom,
but on the contrary, any kind of justice system
imposes rules & regulations and is making
the individual dependent on the System
and everybody a ‘subject to the Law’.


Where is our free Will ?
Where do we have a free Choice ?

Our personal legacy of dependency begins when we are not conceived by free choice.
For most parents a child is an economic necessity, a cultural obligation or an inconvenient
byproduct of a sexual relationship. In Moses times, when a woman was not pregnant and menstruated,
she was considered to be unclean and was shamed by sending her into the desert for 7days. ( Leviticus 15)
Not being sexual productive, was a social misdemeanor in a aggressive & invasive culture                                       and has ended now in 7 Billion reasons to think about.

Member of the Free Syrian Army points his weapon through a hole in a wall as he takes up a defense position in a house in Qusseer neighbourhood in Homs


This kind of Society is
always in need for more
territories & resources,
and consequently,
always in need for more
warriors & technology
to conquer & defend
these new properties.



By commonly producing their offsprings within the preset of their class, masses of people became a social-economically stigmatized number, or just a physically & mentally indebted & enslaved subject’

Predispositioned or born into ‘slavery’, our young minds are further trained & conditioned
to accept or obey the roll & conditions the society ‘has in store’ for them.

Cogs in a Wheel

To prevent the collapse of this pyramid scheme by inbreeding or extinction, the system has developed
some sophisticated concepts of reward & punishment. With incentives to rise, or deterrence to fall in the social economic ranking, the hierarchic system always guarantees new blood for its classes.
–  Fresh, young blood for the upper-class, – more ‘serfs’ for the lower classes.

This is where we find the correlation between the level of Stratification in a society
and the escalation of competition with conflict & violence.

Contrary to the hierarchic chauvinistic concept of monotheism,
with principles of divine authorization and the installation of entitlements & property,
stands the idea of ‘Free Choice’ & co-creation.

From Mother Earth to God Father

At birth and as infants we are still very much attached to our parents. This is mainly a physical
dependency on our mother, and then, as our horizon of awareness broadens, we discover our father,
relatives & community. At this stage, life is all a subconscious experience, and as we begin to
learn how to use & ‘digest’ these experiences, our consciousness begins to ‘rise from the deep’…

Of course, standing on our ‘own feet‘ requires mental & physical balance, coordination & timing.
Any Wisdom arrives with mental ‘constipation‘, and real maturity comes with a lot of growing pain.
Growing self-awareness can creates great confusion, mainly associated
with the differentiation & distinction of an individual experience & knowledge
from that of collective- or peer influence.

Then we enter puberty, the age in which we suppose to make our transition into adulthood.
This is the time when we break away and plant our own roots, when we should have learned how
to stand on our own feet, to be independent from the care of our parents and think for ourselves…

As soon as we realize that the tension between Good & Evil or Life & Death are just representing
the dynamic energy of a Life-cycle, we understand the meaning of free choice.

This moment of enlightenment or initiation is the Rebirth of our Self !

initiation of consciousness

Making Life a Choice and not an Obligation
is setting things in Motion and empowers our Free Will.

Joseph Campbell interview -On Becoming an Adult

 Only in open Choices we can find our Freedom of Will.

But instead, we became manipulated by our ‘teachers’ & ‘guardians‘,
indoctrinated with the religious beliefs of an all-consuming society.
Every day now we surrendered our body & soul to a higher power
to which we allegedly owe our place, fate and entire existence.
This is when we submit our Free Will & Independence, more or less voluntarily,
to a sophisticated system of liabilities & obligations.
For most of us, this final ‘Free’ Choice became the end of our Free Will,
and turned our life into a path of enslavement thru guilt & debt.

Instead of becoming a responsible, self-confident & autonomous person,
we are lulled into complacent & subordinate consumers.

 Homo Insipiens


A hypothetical and dumb concept
of an outside determination
has turned us into apathetic
& complaisant creatures



We have to go far back in time to really understand what it meant to be a mature adult,
a fully developed person, which has his own independent connection or relationship
to his community & environment, who knows his own abilities & potentials,
–  a human being who knows how body & mind ‘functions in conjunction

The common theory is that in the Beginning was the Word and that this ‘Word became Flesh’,
– simply meaning, that before the creation of language there was nothing or not much around.
But, as we know today, there was & is a lot of communication before & beyond linguistics.
As Linguistic has limited our Imagination and the written Word has further reduced our Intuition,
so has a Law & Order, ‘carved in stone’, restricted our Inspirations.

Beginning & End, a ‘level’ playing field, or even a straight line, are just a hypothetical idea or theory.

After the idea of Good & Evil materialized in some ‘Paradise’ & ‘Hell’,
the Final Destination of Death became part of the scam,
and is now the great delusion of modern civilization.

The Death Delusion

A hierarchic world-order, with (religious) beliefs in limitations & restrictions, has corrupted our mindset.
Being boxed into formats, categories & ranks, has reduced mental flexibility & Brain Plasticity;
caged-in by standards, rules & regulations made us lose our senses for balance & motion.
Our sense for interconnectivities & synergy in the eternal life-cycle was ambushed & corrupted
by some shortsighted concepts of selection, limitation & separation.

But in nonlinear thinking the issues get a completely new twist, and the strait lines gets bend !

 Fraktale / Mandelbrot-Menge


π is this number of unending fractions,
of infinite motion, calculating
an approximate movement,
the transcendental number of life.




Relativity teaches us, that as soon as we have a reading or measurement, our perspective & position
has changed and any ‘cut-off point’ becomes an arbitrary choice.
And there we go, – nothing is permanent or absolute.

There is only one Truth and that is constantly Changing

Many understand this Intuitively, but just a few of us realize the rationality in it.
To navigate thru these constant Changes of Life
requires a shift to a different Level of Thinking:
– and that’s all about making Choices.

Overwhelmed by the complexity of today’s problems some immediate questions arise:
How can an individual like me make a difference to this global pandemonium ?
Since all of the issues are pressing, it is hard to choose the priorities.
When & Where should we begin with our changes ?

For those who ask these questions the answer is very simple but complex,
– you are already on your way, – all this is just a question of perception,
and there we go …
– questioning yourself sets thing in motion, – so don’t stop here & now.

Your thoughts are the creator of your existence.
(The Secret of Attractions ? – But be aware what you wish for !)

Such constant inquest will provide the guidance, perspective & vision you need to
navigate the timeless chaos of life. Since the answers root in the question, this will
help to pursue your journey into happiness & eternity.

A Quest creates Choices
Choices respond to a Quest


To transform our mental & physical enslavement & indebtedness into a life of choice &
free will, we have to use a more fundamental, psychosomatic or wholistic Healing process,
and of course, this different level or concept of thinking.
Only thru constant self-analysis we can uncover our real Self.
Only by understanding our social-emotional involvement in the social-economic environment
of this planet, we will be able to develop our own free Will.

This recognition will enable us to participate & cooperate in the creative processes of life,
we will learn how important timing is for the organic & dynamic process of Choosing.

Many think that it requires big reforms or even a great revolution to fix all these problems in
this world, and they are calling for strong leadership, – over & over again.
Others consider a healing process without even understanding what is wrong.
We are constantly looking for answers & guidance in political ideas or religious organizations.
People think of strategies, programs & agendas, they need to follow plans, schedules & itineraries.



Some are trying to square the circle

with science & technology,  

Others are hacking their way thru the Gordian Knot  

with all kinds of power & forces !



But all this is fueled by some kind of deep fear,
of not being able to possess enough things,
afraid of not having enough Time or money.
Frightened by old age, disease & suffering,
horrified by an ultimate End or Death,
This is our fundamental Angst of having
to live a life we did not want or did not choose.

woman in somalia

– And this is where the fundamental question of perception comes in,
where Time & Choice play an integrate part in the healing process of our psyche.

Decisions are always the Beginning or End of a process,
while choices are pivotal points in a continuous motion.

pivotal points

By removing our time-restrictions from Beginning to End,
we reconnect with the dynamic synergy of life.

We need to understand that one choice never comes on its own;
it is always part of a string or a cluster of choices, all correlating to their environment as a whole.
This way our choices co-create a dynamic network of synergy.

Free Choices are the tool of co-creation, like a poet choosing his words,
or a painter picking the right spot to apply the color of his choice.
This is like creating melodies or harmonies in music,
choosing the right notes and the proper timing in a composition.
Therefore we need a good Sense of Timing,
to coordinate & harmonize our activities & ‘vibes
with our social networks and the rest of our environment.

Since all this, and everything else is in motion,
the Timing of our choices becomes our individual ‘fingerprint’ on that motion
and is the pitch of our ‘voice’ in a harmony.

Time is the rhythm between events,
Timing is the beat of a drum or the pumping of our heart,
it is the sequence of seasons or the rhythm in our music;
it is the frequency of energy and the wavelength in light,
~Time is Color & Sound ~

But, as flow & motion invite us to participate, to go down this river or to follow that path,
our Free Will is always confronted & challenged by an ultimate choice, the Choice of Choices if you will:
– to continue our Way-of-Choice, or just submitting our life to some outside & foreign forces.
– consciously embrace & enjoy my Life-of-Choice, or just survive in hope for a better future!

16 Prozent der neuen Arzneimittel bringen beträchtlich mehr

It is not enough to just live in the Here & Now,
but to make this Now & Here your choice !

As we choose to take-on the challenge, choose to follow the invitation and take
the journey down this river, along that road, or across the ocean, we actually make
a conscious step towards the eternal motion, or into the river of life.
As we join the commotion of wilderness & chaos, we will find out that we are
not as alone & helpless as we thought we would be, and that we were mislead
into this fear, more than anything else.

Nature is friendly and the ecosystems of this planet, our habitat, are providing
us with everything. Life itself has prepared us perfectly for this environment,:
we all are ‘gifted’ with a great assortment of senses, a perfect set of ‘tools’
and the intellect to manage this House our Eco.
All we have to do is :


listen & observe our environment,
read the‘signs’ along the way,
and think our way thru.
This way we will learn to
‘Read the Instructions’
and correspond in life.





We will learn how to use the tide, wind & current
across the ocean and beyond,
how to follow our inner Compass
when navigating thru this flow of energy,
and how to handle our e-motions down the road.



Then we will understand that Imagination, Intuition & Inspiration are very important tools
for co-creative solutions, to dissolve conflicts, and letting us sail back against the wind.

Constantly departing from different locations or situations, always arriving under
new circumstances & conditions, requires the confidence of self-determination,
and the substance of integrity, all combined by great mental flexibility.

When we enter this ‘River of Life’ and joined all this ‘motion’ voluntarily,
we will understand how to co-create ways & means to get to our next destination-of-choice.
This is the closest an individual will come to the terms of Free Will or Free Choice

33 Boy-canoeing-in-Bocas-del-Toro-Panama


besides the terms of Free Will, Time & Choice, any contemplation about our mortality or immortality
has to include a reflection on quantity & quality.
From the quantity of Population & Garbage we produced to the work hours & money we spend to satisfy our
all-consuming addictions, growing became an obsession, a collective paranoia, a contagious mental disease.
More obese & longer lives, faster cars & bigger houses, more guns & expensive education,
it is clearly not a question of MORE anymore.

It is not the Quantity of Choices they give us,
but the Quality of choice we have, that counts.

The constantly changing circumstances of life can not be tamed by more arbitrary rules & regulations.
Change is fluctuation, a pattern which require constant re-adjustment & adaptation.
By corresponding rather than confronting Nature, and by finding a consensus with our environment,
we reconnect with the dynamics of life, we dissolve the separations between good & evil
and we finally reunite Life with Death in the Great Paradoxum 

There is only One Truth,
and That is Constantly Changing !

By making Good & Bad to take part in the dynamic process of life,
our horizon of consciousness ‘expands
and we will lose our fear to address
the real issue surrounding Free Will & Free Choice.

In this perspective, and in this context, our Death or Final Exit  does’t seem so frightening anymore,
and it becomes rather a question of Quality & Freedom in  Life,
than a case of Suicide, Euthanasia, or a Sacrifice for a higher cause.

The ultimate Freedom begins & ends with the freedom of how to live or when to die.
The last thing we need is a sick & suicidal society telling us how to live our ‘marginal’ lives.

As a grownup & free human beings I don’t need some sickos to tell me that I have to live a
undignifying life with incurable diseases, or in poverty & famine.
It should be my choice to eat poisoned food or to drink contaminated water;
it is my body they want me to sacrifice in their factories,
and it is usually my body & soul dying in their stupid wars.

Add Free Choice to your Life and the mental healing process of Homo Sociopathis can finally begin!

Depart from Life

Choose to leave

Don’t be afraid of dying?
It only happens to those who believe in an End,
not to those who choose to live.

I’m hopelessly optimistic that Life on this planet will go on, – even without us!
You have the choice !

Rather making a proactive choice now,
than responding with a reactive decision later

Transforming an existence ‘I have not chosen’,
into a life ‘I want to be part of’ !