contrary  Unless we change our philosophies & beliefs individually,
in principle & fundamentally,
we will be stuck in this dysfunctional economy !

 The ‘Big Shift ‘ will not come with some economic or political changes, it requires a healing Process of the individual psyche !

Now, that the season of giving & sharing is approaching, let us ‘step back’ for a moment,
let’s contemplate about the fundamental ideas behind all these activities, and the ‘true spirit’ in all of this.

Bombarded with advertising & promotions, inundated with data & bytes, delivered by sophisticated
‘social networks’, we all ‘share’ the distractions & pseudo satisfactions this intriguing Belief System
has to offer. Our participation & subscription remains the strongest affirmation for this ailing ‘economy’,
demonstrating our endorsement & solidarity with its social-economic’ principles.

With every $ we donate to a ‘good cause’, supposedly helping our poor & needy brothers around the globe,
we support & perpetuate the very same financial system, which has forced us into this mess in the first place.
Even the existence or necessity of ‘Philanthropists’ & Charities is a disgrace for humanity,
and a very important empowerment for this outdated & dysfunctional paradigm.

without Ecology

A hierarchic belief system has corrupted our perception of reality, undermined our understanding
of organization’ without even considering an interpretation of their organic context.
Consequently the whole paradigm is affected with non-organic, hierarchic concepts,
– like this of our ‘fantastic’ monetary system.

Now a global banking system simply takes our hard-earned $ and turns it into Bogus Money’.
In their hands, these deposits will ‘grow’ miraculously, but legally, to more than 10X of its
original value, and is then conveniently used to enslave whole nations here & abroad.
These loans in form of government bonds, mortgages, and credit-cart debt,
have now created a virtual reality for man & nature.

A constant overloading of our sensory awareness has numbed our sensitivity & sensibility,
and caused a loss of ‘common sense’ for the organic interrelationships between eco-logy & eco-nomy.
Instead we have created a ‘Phantom Economy’, which is now dominating all aspects of our lives.
Mentally & physically handicapped, sick to the bone, and trapped in addictions of all kinds,
we have ravished & raped our earth, exploited & disfigured our own habitat.
Systematically disenfranchised individuals have now formed societies completely disconnected
from their environment, unable to respond to the challenges of today in any way or form.
Everybody is stressed-out in a Race to the Top, to ‘make ends meet’, to ‘meet their deadline’
– which is simply an illusion and impossible to meet anyway!
And as always, the interest on interest on…, all on ‘Monopoly Money’, has to be paid with
real blood, sweat & tears, all in various forms of taxes, fees & duties.


  This is the 21st century serfdom,
just serving the top 0.0001%,
the warlords of our crash & burn economy ’,
the bangsters & freeloaders of society.




Ask yourself, where do you see a fundamental change in the underlying Philosophy,
where is our Love for Wisdom? Where’s our insight & vision ?
Maybe something is wrong with our hopes & dreams in principal, – or did we all became delusional ?
                                               (and delusions are always pathological !)

Connect the dots, put them in context & relationship with real life.
When it comes to ‘real solutions’, 99 % of the time the ideas simply reverberate the
propaganda style of the 20th century activism, which obviously hasn’t worked at all,
and has now, more than ever, turned into a very lucrative ‘social media’ circus.
(- Bread & Circus politics of the Roman Oligarchy)
Let’s not forget that the idea of solidarity, as in: ‘together we are stronger’, also harbors the
principles of fascism, especially when it involves the comfort-addicted middle-class of ‘The West’,
combined with mindless chauvinism and the limited ingenuity of religion.

We had enough corrections, reforms & revolutions in this failing system, we don’t need more
reinstatements of outdated beliefs or the revival of old dreams.

World go round

We should know by now that ‘the war defeats the warrior’, that this is not living,
this is fighting for survival, a philosophy of complete Sickos!
yes, the perception of being cursed to live in a hostile environment, after being expelled
from paradise, is a powerful belief. This idea & theory entered our minds long time ago,
became the dominating paradigm of human civilization, and is now a malicious cancer
tormenting ourselves and our environment.

fools 1

What one needs today is a personal healing process, a complete paradigm shift,
a radical & fundamental change of insight & vision, transforming a conditioned behavior
into a conscious sensibility & knowledge.

            -“We have to be the Change !”,

transforming justifications-of-having-possessions
 into a consciousness-of-belonging to the whole.

 Real Spirituality starts with a ‘birds-view’ & ‘X-ray vision’.