to those who are able to read more than just a paragraph.


– to those who are not, I have prepared pictures 



Addressing the young & unspoiled
mind of the ‘mature’ reader.




To those who understand the power of simplicity



For those who can read
between the lines,
behind the words
and beyond the page
– here some stimulus !




Limited mental flexibility, combined with insensitivity & ignorance towards our growing
ecologic & economic problems, has led our entire culture into a state of delirium & denial.

When the blind starting to lead the blind we just get deeper & deeper into the mess.

 If we really want a change from all this, we have to learn the fundamentals of life,
understand the principles of coexistence on this planet, our house & home. 
 EcologyGreek -‘oikos’ = house, dwelling place, habitation 

Without this ecological knowledge
any faculty of economics
is an absolute Nonsense !




However we look at it,
wherever we stand on the issues,
it is the reflection of our Way of Thinking’,
our perception of everything.







Consequently, the cause of all these problems,
the disharmonies & imbalances we are facing
today, are deeply ingrained
into the psyche of the individual.



The Change comes Here & Now in my Mind, with my ‘Way of Thinking’.



Sometimes, the complexity and holistic nature
of these subjects requires a different ‘figure of speech’.
Because of the linguistic limitations, often
we have to enter a world of allegories & parables,
transfer to conceptual metaphors to illustrate the
abstract concepts & processes of Philosophy & Psyche.



It is absolutely necessary to comprehend the profoundness of our interrelationship with our environment;
It is pivotal to understand the dynamics of inter-connectivity in this relationships, and this is absolutely essential for any solution, as well as for our co-existence on this planet.
We need to learn how to incorporate our subconscious experiences into our way of thinking
and how to use our multisensory awareness in this process.


This divine’ Experience triggered a great leap in human evolution.
This Self-Reflection awakened a different sense of consciousness in us, opened a completely
new perspective on the world and is now defining our entire perception of life.
Based on these revelations we re-organize our social structures and re-arrange
our relationships to the rest of creation, our environment.

With this new ‘Way of Thinking we also made new distinction & differentiation, consequently creating
the confrontation & friction, the essential dynamics of our dualistic worldview.
Using this powerful dynamic transformed us from being ‘just-another-creature’ to Co-creators.
As in all evolutionary processes, the dynamic is constantly changing, maintaining a sustainable flow of energy.
Adapting to the environment, correcting & readjusting the imbalances & disharmonies, is absolutely vital & pivotal for any healthy & natural mutation;  – in the way of thinking, we call this mental process: Learning.
Sometimes, in this awakening process of the human mind, came the desire to hold on
to a moment, to stop the flow right then & there.


Somehow on our way we forgot the co in co-creating

and with our new ‘intelligence’
we began to develop

concepts & theories
of a different kind,
ideas of just One Truth,
and a Law & Order set in stone.




Our ability to create such things gave us confidence and the ideas of destiny and world-domination.
We started building mental & physical walls around ideas & theories, tried keep them incarcerated
and safe from running astray. Strangely enough, everything outside this box was alienated and
became the evil enemy, always trying to steal our things & ideas.

The idea of a linear, hierarchic World-Order, together with the belief in divine Entitlements and
inherited Rights-of-Ownership, have created obvious dysfunctions and an abnormal behavior in humans.
Degenerated into a full-blown mental illness, this disease spread like cancer,
and has now infected the entire psychosomatic behavior of our ‘social’ species;


The evolution of homo-sociopathis

Fueled by subsequent ideas of social economics’,
systematically spread by marketing & ‘education’,
this twisted & warped perception of life
has now mutated into a pandemic of global proportions.
– and the popular mind became so numb & dumb
that it doesn’t even notice the ‘constant changes’ !






These 5000 year old, chauvinistic concepts
     of world-domination, growth & expansion
     are completely unfit to sustain our
     existence on this planet
     and have failed miserably.








  So, it’s not ‘The Climate’ or ‘The Bomb’,
it’s our sick mind which will ultimately kill us !







From feudalism to capitalism, from humanism & socialism to democracy, we still have
the same old principles of conquest & domination deeply engraved into our minds.

the idea of fascism → 


Since we are dealing with a mental disease, the solutions can only be found
on a different level of thinking ! -(Einstein)

We don’t need more fixings, reforms or even revolutions, what we need is
a complete Paradigm Shift, a Change of Perception with some Real Consciousness.

This fundamental change is the transformation of the individual,
and comes thru the personal healing process of our ‘soul’.




Still, the popular mass movements on the streets,
and most of the social media on the internet,
are so corrupted by the hierarchic,
chauvinistic concept of world economics,
that it is very difficult to communicate any real ‘new’,
or better, unordinary ideas.




There are many
sophisticated philosophies,
scientific theories,
and sociological doctrines.
There is much of
political rhetoric & propaganda,
religious creed & dogma,
clerical canons,
hopes & beliefs,
all just stuck in time & space,
creating more & more
illusions & delusions.




Unfortunately, for 99.999… % of the population, there’s no real alternative in sight.
There are no new ideas, books or schools out there helping or supporting those young
and still uncorrupted souls & minds which are just entering their brutal ‘education’ process.



The mighty leaders and ‘bright’ minds of our civilization are stuck in their own system,
No political or religious organization in this Culture-of-Limitations has real solutions to offer.

         – Just more affirmations of the same old paradigm;
         – Just new hopes for future ‘economic’ growth;
         – Just another confirmation of human entitlements on this planet;
       – Just an old belief system, based on our divine mission of world domination.




But, with those who have experienced
an initial ‘Spark of Enlightenment’,
with the once who have realized their sickness
and the need for a fundamental healing process,
I would like to share some uncommon & extraordinary ideas.








Now, on my own Quest-for-Belonging, I have come to a place in time & space,
where I can offer some of my thoughts & inspirations.



On this journey, we can discover new ways
to overcome the mental & physical barriers,
the walls & fences which keep us, the individual,
separated & disconnected from everything else.



Only on this ‘different level of thinking’




we will find the transformation process
which will free us from the perception
which keeps us living a life we did not choose.

(read more about  Free Will and Free Choice)





By incorporating eco-psychology, synchronicity and quantum mechanics etc…,
complementing them with our common, indigenous spirituality,
adding the essence of all our world-religions to it,
and combine all this with some ancient wisdom from East & West,
we can synthesize a new wholistic Philosophy-of-Constant-Change,
in-tune with our environment and sustainable for the rest of our lives.


The ‘Philosophy in Motion’ is the ‘essence’ of this new way of thinking,
aware of our interrelationships & co-dependencies in life,
conscious about our belonging to the environment of this planet, our home,
open & responsible to the rest of creation.


This is not a Cloud Atlas but a ‘Compas-in-Chaos



This New Way of Thinking’
realizes that Harmony & Balance mean
constant motion & adaptation,
understands the ecological fundamentals
and organic principles of social economics.





With a new eco-psychological self-analysis we can awaken a new self-awareness and develop this new perception
of reality which is so important for anything we are going to do from Here & Now on.

Analyzing the fundamental failures of the hierarchic, chauvinistic belief systems,
and learning to understand the concepts & theories behind the linear paradigm,
will give us the new Insight & Vision we so desperately need.



By bypassing the linguistic limitations
with images and conceptual metaphors,
I’m trying addressing the conscious
the sub-conscious
mind of the reader.

Awakening our multisensory awareness and stimulating our emotional intelligence
are absolutely necessary to navigate thru the wilderness & chaos of eternal life.



Navigating thru a constantly changing environment requires a totally different form of skills,
a different kind of knowledge, a different ‘school’ of thinking.
This school’ has to go back to the origins of learning, where Skhole meant leisure time,
a free time & space where we can sit back and rest from the hassle of the day,
a quiet ‘place’ to contemplate & meditate. This is where our mind opens up like a lotus flower,
where we get inspired & stimulated on all levels of consciousness.
A real School provides the time & space to ‘digest’ our intuitions & experiences.
This School is a place to amalgamate & ferment information & ideas with wisdom,
where we develop imagination and, of course, co-create solutions from the past into the future


School is a place in the clouds as much as
it is rooted in the soil of this planet.

On these pages I am trying to inspire the more ‘mature’ observer to develop his/her own,
more organic, Love for Wisdom(Philosophy), and help the individual to find his/her
self-determination in an otherwise so overwhelming sociopathological society.



With my network of writings
it does not matter where or when
you start reading,
but as soon as you start thinking
the complexity & coherency
of my notion will make sense to you.




If you look closer, you will realize that this is a completely different approach to everything,
where everything is in flux and all the solutions are progressive.

If you open your mind, you will see that there is no absolute Good or Evil,
no end or death to fear, just different energies to balance & harmonize.

If you observe your natural environment, you will understand that we all
belong to this eternal journey of constant transformation.

I am changing
You will change
We are the Change




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