– an Interdisciplinary Redefinition of Intelligence

Waste of Resources

in search for Real Dynamic & Synergy in (your) Life

A Philosophy of Nonlinear Dynamic


Don’t get fooled by ‘experts & specialists’ !
Don’t trust the leaders & teachers of society !
Their concepts & ideas are completely outdated,
they do not make sense and they obviously don’t work !
They are absolutely delusional and doomed to fail royally !

Do your own research, educate Yo’self…
and I don’t mean the standard curriculum of our Schools & Universities,
this is just a training & conditioning program to turn you into a ‘cash cow’,
eventually leaving you with only one choice: to become an obliged servant of the system –
or just some cannon-fodder for the system.
Take nothing for granted or guaranteed , you have your own mind
with the gift of a multisensory awareness, – start using it ! – NOW !

Wake up and think for yo’self !

as we all know,

Consequently we have to find new Ways of Thinking

The ‘Cloud Atlas’ vs. the ‘Compass-in-Chaos’

– is an allegory of a ‘School of Thoughts’ vs. a ‘Way of Thinking’,
introducing our inner Compas-N-Chaos,
an interactive navigation tool, and multisensory guidance system for our journey thru eternal life.


Dynamic is the interrelationship between various facts or concepts
which refers to the condition & energy of Change.

Organic without Dynamic