Welcome to a new Way of Thinking,

– an Interdisciplinary Redefinition of ‘Intelligence

Waste of Resources

in search for Real Dynamic & Synergy in (your) Life

A Philosophy of Nonlinear Dynamic


Don’t get fooled by ‘experts & specialists’ !
Don’t trust the leaders & teachers of society !
Their concepts & ideas are completely outdated,
they do not make sense and they obviously don’t work !
They are absolutely delusional and doomed to fail royally !

Do your own research, educate Yo’self…
and I don’t mean the standard curriculum of our Schools & Universities,
this is just a training & conditioning program to turn you into a ‘cash cow’,
eventually leaving you with only one choice: to become an obliged servant of the system –
or just some cannon-fodder for the system.
Take nothing for granted or guaranteed , you have your own mind
with the gift of a multisensory awareness, – start using it ! – NOW !

Wake up and think for yo’self !

as we all know,

Consequently we have to find new Ways of Thinking

The ‘Cloud Atlas’ vs. the ‘Compass-in-Chaos’

– is an allegory of a ‘School of Thoughts’  vs. a ‘Way of Thinking’, introducing our inner ‘Compas-N-Chaos’,
an interactive navigation tool, and multisensory guidance system for our journey thru eternal life.


Dynamic is the interrelationship between various facts or concepts
which refers to the condition & energy of Change.

Organic without Dynamic

Accepting reality and giving up our manipulative ways without loosing our creative mind,
is the Great Change we’re so desperately looking for,
the ‘step’ into a different Way of Thinking,
a new level of Consciousness where your Self is guided by Social-Emotional-Intelligence
and empowered by Free Choice.

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