Why is Intelligence never used in the Context of Happiness ?

Not a historic account of events, more a system analysis
of our Intelligence-in-transformation.

It’s a story in which both, machines & technologies, increase forever, dragging us along on their exponential ride to mental desolation & physical distress;

~ so, are we still in charge ?


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 Ubuntu: I am, because of you ! 

Once upon a time, at a point in history when man had physically & mentally evolved into the most
sophisticated creature on earth, certain things began to go wrong.
The transition from hunters & gatherers to farmers & breeders presented, not only technological & logistic challenges, but also required great social-emotional adjustments in the mind of our ancestors.
By separating & partitioning fields & gardens from the remaining wilderness, and by cultivating & nurturing
plants & animals, we created a new, our very own, reality on this planet.
The ability to control the growth & production of food gave us a new self-confidence;                          


We became the co-creators of life, and the co-designers of our future.
The Neolithic- or Agricultural-Revolution was the culmination of our collective thinking,
the crowd wisdom & collective intelligence of our species.

This rudimental form of Social Emotional Intelligence had developed the concepts & systems,
tools & technologies which thrust us on ‘top of the food chain’.
The mechanical solidarity of our tribal & nomadic pastoral culture was based on the strong sense of interconnectivity & Belonging, where Spirituality & Mysticism united us with our environment as a whole.

Guided by collective subconsciousness, this intelligence had ‘elevated’ us to a new level of consciousness.
    A new self-consciousness with new ideas of personal freedom & independence had emerged.

Once apon a time

Our heteronomous species had grown & transformed into an ‘autonomous’ being;

– Homo-Sapiens, the man of wisdom, was ‘born

But, as we can experience today, this transition concealed some impediments & obstacles,
certain ideas & misconceptions created delusions and seem to have led our entire civilization into a ‘Dead End’
Our strong sense of integrity & interdependence was slowly replaced by a new kind of ‘spirituality’,
– a mentality of entitlement & domination; – the beginning of an hierarchic worldview with us on top,
or almost on top, of the pyramid, – the Abrahamic Religions !

Hierarchic Perception of Life

It is the nature of consciousness to distinguish & separate things,
it is part of our curiosity to examine, dissect & investigate our environment.

Choosing & selecting are an integral part of our abstract thinking
and the derailment of our intelligence can be traced back to these funda-mental neurological processes,
– of forming an opinion and creating solutions.

Picking & choosing, adjusting & adapting are essential for survival, and any life on-the-move;
– the prehistoric hunters & gatherers, our ancestors, were masters of these traits.
This mental flexibility is the key to any form of creativity and has played a major roll in our transformation from homo-erectus to homo-sapiens. Even before a written language, this great brain-plasticity enabled our ancestors to further develop their rudimental, social-emotional skills and form highly sophisticated societies.
This kind of intelligence was not only responsible for the technological advancements of our species,
but also controlled our entire social behavior and is the foundation of all socio-economic thinking.
At this stage of human evolution the social emotional intelligence of the individual was very well prepared,
and on its way, to develop a collective, more complex swarmor group intelligence.

But, and this is my whole point here, real Life, as well as our psyche, is not linear,
some things in nature do not develop as straight & smoothly as we wish or imagine.

Our sheer power to chip rocks into shape, to dig trenches or cut down trees and other living things,
boosted our self-confidence to a sanctimonious belief of Human superiority.
Mesmerized by the success of our technologies our mind got occupied & distracted by the
physical manifestations of the world, the ‘tangible’  things in our life.

Codex Hammurabi

We began to loose sight of the equally important, but less obvious,
invisible, mystic or spiritual side of existence.
Just some ‘hard’ evidence or physical proof was required,
facts’ got carved in stone and became the synonym for Order & Truth.
-and Truth became a static concept !

Along with new technological advancements
and together with the written ‘Word’ or Logos
came the demystification of synchronicity & spirituality.


With growing self-consciousness came a greater Self-confidence,
but in combination with certain ideas & theories, this became a recipe for disaster:

The early successes of a radical monoculture overwhelmed even the wisest man and the most careful thinkers of their time. The corruption of our mind began with the idea of the World as a limited structure, where the principals of mechanical engineering were translated into some sorts of social engineering. The concept of Life in a linear, hierarchic order created a poisonous mix of hubris.
The new idea of ‘Just-One-Creator or God reconstituted the entire spirituality of the ancient world.
The dreams & visions of our ancestors got replaced by the dogmatic believe of a monotheistic religion; their simple, but complete, faith & trust in Life was reduced to just a hopeful thinking that, at the very End, the new Law & Order will be fair & square in its evaluation.
The concept of appropriation & entitlement-thru-creation came now from the ‘Creator-on-Top’ himself and became the ethical legalization of oppression & subjugation.

Allegory of Complacency

The concepts of monoculture, combined with exceptionalism,
created the foundation of today’s Anthropocentrism 

The idea ofa Planet for the Taking’  behaved like virus, it infested the mind of the people
and began to spread thru our communities like a wildfire; and with insufficient introspection,
observations became distorted, and visions turned into delusions.
It took a lot of abstract thinking to reduce a multidimensional world to just a bunch of 2 or 3 dimensional images.
It took a lot of imagination to restrict our perception to just a dualistic worldview where Good is fighting Evil.
It took a lot of mental agony to create the concept of a Life restricted by Reward & Punishment.


Substitute Satisfaction

It took a lot of work to disconnect us from Reality, just to replace living with a bunch of artificial substitute-satisfaction and ADDICTION

It took a lot of blood, sweat & tears to divide our entire planet
and the whole life into intellectual properties & entitlements.
But all the fragmentation of life turned out to be a big miscalculation;
the separation & segregation is an absolute nightmare
and the profound alienation from our biological roots became a ‘natural’ disaster.



not gadget

We have lost our Sense of Belonging !
We became disposable attachments or Gadgets

Intelligence implies the concept of ‘choice
not that of decision-making.
Decisions just slice-off and separate things.
That leads to the great misconception that
decisions & computer are intelligent.



If communication is disrupted and inter-dependencies compromised,
things tend to go wrong. It took us a few thousand years to realize,
that our way of thinking has led us into a mental gridlock, a sophisticated,
intellectual trap which can only be overcome on a different ‘Level of Intelligence‘ !

Level of intelligence

So far our ‘Intelligence’ has not served us very well !

All our social-economic systems are out of control
and have lead to nothing more than war & destruction.
We still haven’t learned how to adapted to the environmental changes of today,
and drift helplessly into the abyss.

Our general idea of Intelligence is a very narrow minded concept
and maybe the greatest stupidity of all.

The problems get easily compounded by what we call the ‘illusion of explanatory depth‘,
where we feel confidence in our understanding of a specific system or theory,
but in reality have no clue, or just a very superficial knowledge of its context,
complexity & correlation to the whole.

The ‘entourage effect‘ of cannabis is a good example for our system-blindness,
and reveals a much larger ‘picture’ to the open mind.

It is time to investigate & analyze the Cognitive-Entourage ‘behind’ our Intelligence !

celtic_knot 15


Instead of conducting IQ tests, and classifying people along that line,
we should start educating ourselves about the way we think and how we feel !

Besides the emotional & psychosomatic aspects of our mental diseases
there is something very wrong with our rational or logical approach to whole,
a great misunderstanding or misinterpretation of human

Maybe we are less intelligent than we always wished to be, and/or they conditioned us to believe to be.
– Or, we might not have, or never develop, the ‘right form’ of intelligence,
the one which is necessary to handle this kind of lifestyle & technology.
the sorcerer's apprentice

Or did we simply forget, that besides knowledge & skill,
it also takes common sense & wisdom
to control & maintain our creations.

“- the spirits that I called…
as in Goethe’s Zauberlehrling
orThe Sorcerers Apprentice


So what is this wisdom, what constitutes this virtue
which seems to give all our knowledge & skills
the adequacy & contextual meaning ?

After all, we are still blinded by this ‘light’ we ignited,
hypnotized by the technology we designed,
and mesmerized by the world we created.

But all our concentration & specialization has also created a tunnel vision,
a system blindness which reaches back into biblical times when God ‘created’ HIS world.

In a world, where everything is correlated, interconnected & interdependent,
where life is balanced & harmonic, we busted inmoses-OT-041
with new concepts of linear, hierarchic structures,
with ideas of Marginalization & Social-Stratification.

This new word-Order
of restrictions & limitations
got forced upon all of creation; – new laws,
or Commandments
of entitlements & appropriations
were carved into stone.

The word hieroglyphs comes from the Greek ἱερογλυφικός (hieroglyphikos), and ἱερός (hierós ‘sacred’) and γλύφω (glýphō ‘ -Ι carve, engrave’), a calque of Egyptian mdw·w-nr (medu-netjer) ‘god’s words’
Indoctrinated by these monotheistic beliefs,
our way of thinking became selective & discerning in its nature,
but also polarizing & discriminating on its way.

Constrained by linguistic expression and restricted by a linear Logic, our thinking patterns systematically segregated, alienated or dismissed all those things which did not fit, integrated or submitted to our linear, hierarchic principles; the uncontrollable & inexplicable was simply discredited or disregarded as some unorganized wilderness, mystery, chaos, catastrophe, misfortune or just luck.
Scientific & technological reasoning became a very specialized & partialized justification process, omitting everything else which does not fit into this particular box of conventions.
This mentality became a severe cognitive dysfunction when even science & research began to dismiss
or disregard things, simply because they could not be categorized or proven.
This way we developed an abstract concept of intelligence which has nothing,
or very little to do with our common experience of life.

This ‘intelligence’ is a very restricted & sterilized form
of computing or processing information, – a
categorized intelligence.

Our idea of ‘intelligence‘ is still based on the old biblical concept of dependency,
with total devotion and blind trust in our leaders, masters, kings & governments.
This theory of ‘intelligence’ is build on the misconception that we have a divine right
to own whatever we created, ‘newly’ discovered or developed.

Rightful Appropriation

– does not just include tangible things like countries, oceans & people,
but also our abstract ideas, knowledge & beliefs.

The Principals of Ownership have corrupted all our relationships in life.
Any social emotional involvement with our environment is subject to the Laws of Entitlement.
If it doesn’t belong to somebody or translate into monetary value, we do not care, we just grab it,
– and waste it anyway. – Our way of consumption

This way, we think we have taken ‘rightful’ possession of everything around us;
– if we can not control it,  we simply demonize the whole thing and destroy it !

But, reality is different, things change constantly, children will grow-up, people will leave and go their own way;
– our ideas & knowledge will be picked-up, copied or even stolen by others.
And yes, somehow we do not like these constant changes of reality, we interfere with the natural flow
and fight its harmony & dynamic on all levels of life!
All this translated into some great common fear to lose some ‘tangible‘ things, and into a deeper,
collective angst to get stripped of certain imaginary rights & ‘values’.
Against any common sense we developed these abstract ideas of entitlements & prohibitions,
guarding & defending everything imaginable, with visible & invisible walls & barriers!
Like our ‘Creator‘ did, and our parents have done for generations,
we try to maintain an absolute control over our creation.
In order to do so, we think we need to establish a certain reality with undeniable facts and a verifiable Truth.
But this bizarre perception of life contradicts any natural progress & change,
it stops any intelligent move right in its tracks.
Our strictly abstract ideas of permanence & stability do not allow transformation or fluctuations,
and our weird concepts of growth & progress do not include disease, death or decay.

We are mentally paralyzed, stuck in our own ‘4 walls’- concept,
isolated from the Synergy & Dynamic of recess & progress

But look at the whole picture, see the connections,
experience the synergy & dynamic of the processes.

Here & Now is the time to adjust our vision, to look for the subtleties in the shade,
detect the correlations & interconnections in-between the pivotal points,
see the implicit functions behind the obvious !

When there is an exception to the rule,
the Paradoxum provides the transition
to a different level of Perception.

Maybe then we will find Truth in the Paradox,
see the ‘perfection’ in the ‘imper

– or a Real Order in Chaos –

Cosmos in Chaos

Things got too complex to be understood by a single mind,
but everything is simple enough to be experienced by anybody.
All it requires is a multisensory awareness,
great mental flexibility
and even more emotional sensitivity !

Since we have one of the largest brain in the animal ‘kingdom’, and its limited use is just an urban legend;
– so why are we still displaying such preposterous behavior ?
Each of us has the brain size and the mental capacity to live a fulfilled & meaningful life,
so why are we still fighting each other and live in disharmony with ourselves and the rest of creation ?

Since it’s not just the size of the brain, which satisfies body & mind,
or the amount of knowledge & skill we accumulate, that fill our bellies and makes us happy,
it must have something to do with the way we process & correlate all this information.

We are still fixated with our early successes in monoculture, and obsessed with the old hierarchic structures of pyramids. But all these early ideas & theories were leading to a ‘centristic’ worldview of monotheism,
and consequently developed all these anthropocentric social economic ideologies,
we are now mentally stuck in the abstract idea of a literal ‘Dead End‘.

By redesigning the fundamental concept of Belonging& Togetherness in a hierarchic order,
and by putting our social behavior under the regime of some property Laws,
we desecrated our entire social-emotional sensitivities and ended up with such things like
Nationalism, Fascism and Communism.

10 United we are strong

With such a mutilated intelligence it did not take long until our voluntary cooperation turned into a kind of duty,
assignment or obligation, and social fusion became just a role-play in our ‘social responsibility’.
Now an individual is asked to make room or sacrifices for a higher ideal, cause or principal.
Happiness, Fulfillment & ‘Afterlife’ are not a natural, common right anymore,
but a reward for ‘good deeds’ which had to be earned.
All this came with the great misconception that the memory and the cognitive processes of the mind
are a personal property, and that these belong to a particular, individual brain.
Consequently we contribute experience, knowledge & intelligence to one particular mind alone.
To gain as much as possible of these traits, properties or virtues, the hierarchic system is driving all individuals
to learn, work & fight hard for their rank & position in life. Of course the real psyche works differently
and a ‘free spirit’ rejects & revolts against these restrictions & prohibitions as long as it can,
until the reactionary propaganda & brainwashing of the establishment gets the upper hand again,
– and consent becomes our idea of ‘Freedom & Change‘.

Manipulation of the mind

Celtic Knot-2

The dilemma of specialization in our Intelligence.

– or how science & technology lost their integrity & relevance.

There is not only intellectual Memory & physical Know-how at work,
but also emotional knowledge & collective memory necessary.

More or less consciously, we have lost most of our inner balance & vitality
by numbing & suppressing our social-emotional sensitivities.
With more & more rules and stricter regulations
we have tried to stop or constrain any movement or change.
While our technological thinking has rapidly advanced,
our Neuroplasticity
is still stuck in biblical times.

Since all the dominating concepts of Law & Order aggressively contradict the Dynamic of Life,
we are constantly fighting everything, seemingly ‘outside‘ of this abstract ‘Reality & Truth‘.

By acting irresponsibly towards our habitat we also live in disharmony with our fellow man.
We concentrate on differentiation rather than on correlations,
and we take care of our ‘own things‘ before we think of our common goods.

Our Social Emotional Intelligence creates the interface,
consociating the individual with his Kith & Kin
and his environment as a whole.

All Emotions are multifaceted & interconnected; they have an inner, self-reflecting component,
as well as an outer, social side to it.

Social Emotions, that means  Empathy & Compassion, bring us all sorts of joy or despair,
which then can be extended to all other living beings, – as a blessing or a curse.

There are three words embedded in the word ‘compassion’; the first part of the word is ‘com’,
the second one is ‘compass’ and the last part is ‘passion’, which leads us to the following epiphany:
The word ‘compass’ may not be a part of its etymology, however, the idea of seeking direction fits well
within the broader concept of the meaning, – having sympathy or a strong feelings for ‘the other’,
combined with a sense of responsibility, can direct our course of action. read more about the Compass in Chaos‘ →
Compas-n-chaoSWhere is your Compassion taking you today?


Empathy Neurons interrelate us, not only with our fellow man, family, clan, tribe or nation,
but also inter-connect us with our habitat and the eternal Life-cycle.
These Mirror Neurons generate our relationships, they help us to communicate, not just with friends,
neighbors or even strangers, but they also correlate us with our pets and other animals,
with our house, fields & gardens; – They connect us with the past & the future, right here & now in the present.

Empathy Neurons can be found in all parts of our brain.
They are responsible for our inter-connectivity with the ‘outside’ world,
they are a hyperlink to all our social networks,
a communication ‘port‘ to the ‘cloud’ networks of our psyche,
the ‘Gateway’ to our collective consciousness & sub-consciousness.

Since these feelings & emotions are not bound to time or space, they connect us,
not only with our brothers & sisters, peers & colleges, but also with our ancestors,
historic events and abstract ideas of the past & the future.

These ‘mirror’ neurons are not just responsible for our physical reaction to social emotional stimuli,
but also for our mental or spiritual link, to the rest of creation;
And then, most importantly, their ‘reflective‘ properties are the key to all cognitive processes of the mind.

These neurons provide the individual with the ‘Mother of all Intelligence‘,
the interdisciplinary, social emotional intelligence!
These are the most important stem cells or ‘building blocks‘ of a living organism,
resembling the ‘cloud network‘ of
multiple intelligence !

Now you can imagine what happens when just one of these cells gets infected with a mental virus,
and other minds in the network have not developed the necessary mental immune systems.
The disease goes viral and spreads throughout the social network like a cancerous meme.

Indonesia Forest clearing

As you can see, our problems are never a social-economic, environmental or educational issue alone;
they are an interdisciplinary malfunction of our system as a whole.
This is a concern of mental health for each individual, as well as our entire species collectively.
Here we have a multidimensional, multilateral & interrelated problematic, which can never be fixed,
solved or even be handled by any specific, scientific faculty.
Their expertise & specialization is part of the problem, and their system blindness
is the main contributor to the intellectual despair of our culture.
Science & education have abandoned wholistic comprehension & emotional sensitivities;
a strictly tangible thinking has replaced our imaginary & visionary skills.

Our Societies are more concerned with ‘Having’,
than they are with simply ‘Being ‘ !

With such stressed, desensitized & manipulated empathy neurons,
our social emotional intelligence became extremely sick, crippled & distressed.
Humanity, as a collective, mutated into a monster virus,
a cancerous organism,
which is now maltreating our entire planet !

Separating fields & gardens from desert & wilderness translated into a completely new set of abstract theories.
Building walls & fences created a new perception of divisions, with ins & outs,
with mental & physical barriers & borderlines all around us.
This began as a great intellectual achievement until we introduced the divine concept of mine & yours,
dividing all our common wealth into, more or less unequal, ‘rights’ or ‘shares’.
This concept also demanded a systematic segregation, or scientific dissection of our entire abstract world,
and included all our intellectual values & virtues.
These ideas have now categorized & separated every aspect of our intellect or school of thinking,
dividing everything into special faculties, categories or topics.
Combined with the inherent intolerance of property laws, constrained by linguistic expressions,
and restricted by linear Logic, we developed some very unrealistic mental standards,
and ended up with some channeled & categorized form of intelligence.

Whatever does not fit these classifications or standards, some real abstract thinking for instance,
is categorically discredited as a bunch of fantasy & imagination, and,
according to hierarchic discrimination, is placed out of our consciousness into unconsciousness,
down into the realm of subconsciousness, dreams & mysticism.

Beyond the officially sanctioned and widely promoted, but ridicules, concepts of thinking,
it becomes spiritual or paranormal, and more difficult to ‘wrap our heads around’.




Whoever ‘crosses the line’ or steps ‘outside the box‘,
faces the hostilities of the establishment.
As soon as an idea wants to take down
the mental walls & barriers which are
separating our hierarchic classifications,
it is considered a revolt, heresy or even
total‘ anarchy.



From Feudalism & Capitalism to Humanism & Democracy, from Nationalism & Fascism
to Socialism & Communism, these are just different forms & facets of a hierarchic linear control mechanism,
trying to manage the masses of emotional numb and socially dumb people.

Instead of educating people, we continue to condition & train people and future generations.
With simply indoctrination & propaganda, or thru the more sophisticated ‘brainwashing
of marketing & psychotherapy, we Manufacture Consent’ !          →    Walter Lippmann


Only a few seem to understand the social emotional complexities
and the cognitive nuances of the entourage effect,
hidden behind the commonly used term of intelligence.

By reviewing & analyzing the misconceptions and misclassifications of our thinking,
we might be able to understand the way we use our mind and the meaning of intelligence.

Guided by an arrogance of ignorance,
we lost sight of the Whole, the overall complexity of life,
we forgot about interconnectivities & interdependencies
and we have distant & disconnected ourselves from the Rest of Creation.

And again, the problems get more complex with our ‘illusion of explanatory depth‘,
where we feel confident in our understanding of the problematic, and convinced by our causal reasoning.
But then we realize that things don’t work as expected or predicted, and because of our limitations,
we get frustrated & depressed and continue to ‘live’ a Life we haven’t chosen,
or we simply live in denial and repeat our mistakes over & over again.

Now we are trying to survive a world which was ‘created’ by a couple psychopaths,
– a life which has been shaped & formed by a bunch of highly knowledgeable experts & specialists.
Today we live in a socially engineered society which is controlled by a well trained ‘elite’ of geeks & nerds.

Our Science & Technology have reduced life
to a bunch of algorithm;
from a Beginning with ‘Nothing’
to an ‘End’ with nothing-but
a bunch of Bull Shit !

Our species continues to repeat the old mistakes over & over again.
Do you really call this intelligent behavior ?

Over and over again

Arabesque 1

In cyber-technology and on the World Wide Web we might have reached a mind-boggling ‘cloud intelligence’,
way ahead of any human ‘intelligence’ and beyond all social-emotional comprehension;
– But all this really depends on our interpretation of intelligence !

Of course all this Singularity,Intelligent Army
Superintelligence or AI
is missing the entire
social-emotional aspect
of thinking and therefore
behaves like a viral infection
inside the human mind,
like a bunch of army ants
going thru the neighborhood.




Is this our idea of freedom and self-determination ?
Every bit of intelligence drives for freedom and struggles for independence.
But with AI we just invented a new form of the old idea of enslavement !
To create a ‘better‘ workforce or more cannon fodder for the sole purpose of exploitation & domination,
is just repeating the old mistakes of ‘Our Gods’ and prone to fail again.

A rock retains or ‘memorizes’ the heat of the sun, the organism of a rat can be conditioned to
produce certain antibodies even without the help of medication,
– and you keep-on performing ‘The Story of Your Life’ without knowing why.

The immense productivity of a collective effort is common knowledge,
and it’s not very difficult to understand the value of teamwork & collaboration.

Reality is multidimensional and in constant motion.
Objectivity is an illusion,
Everything is a Perception !

We can not perceive the complexity of Life thru a single perspective.

It is the Abstract Thinking of our Social Emotional Intelligence
which enables us to look at someThing ‘thru the eyes of others’,
and to perceive everyThing from multiple perspectives.



celtic_knot 9

When we evaluate the intelligence of other species, the level of social behavior receives
the most attention. We give the highest rating of intelligence to those individual creatures
which live in groups of extended families like us.
Their Social Emotional Intelligence, allows them to form clans, tribes or other forms of kinship,
and even groups of common interest or just with intrinsic motivation.
Most of these animals, which live in these Fission & Fusion societies, are mammals and have a similar,
sizable brain like ours. This social behavior requires great mental flexibility,
strong emotional motivation, sensitive social responsibility and multilevel communication skills.
If these social traits & skills get corrupted or compromised, a functional group will turn into
a dysfunctional crowd, slipping from intelligent behavior to pure madness.

In our case, the human mind got infected with certain ideas & theories which act
like a mental virus and have now infested our entire species.
A mutation of our Social emotional intelligence has transformed Homo sapiens into HomoSociopathis.

But the size of the brain and the number of neurons in an individual are not the whole story.
Bee hives, ant colonies, bird flocks and fish swarms have developed a collective brain function.
As an ant brain has about 250,000 brain cells, compared to a human brain with about 86 billion cells,
a colony of just 35,000 ants has, collectively, about the brain size of a human.
None of the ants can think like an ‘ant’, but as a collective brain they can think like ‘one big ant’.
Without a ‘central command’ or ‘leadership’ these colonies & swarms work together and cooperate
in a highly intelligent manner, – and as we know, they get things done.

Social groups can be remarkably smart & knowledgeable when their averaged judgments are compared
with the judgments of individuals. Already in 1907 the English scientist Sir Francis Galton
found evidence that the estimate of a group can be more accurate than the estimates of an expert.
– A group of intrinsically motivated individuals share their resources and work together
in a Collaborative, Innovative Network (COIN)

In contrast to this ‘collective or swarm intelligence’, modern men are acting like imbeciles,
showing rather the characteristics of soccer hooligans and lynch mobs, ravaging & looting the planet,
than the responsible & intelligent behavior you would expect from ‘civilized’ animals ?

All kinds of social engineering has replaced spirituality and Social Emotional Intelligence
with religious dogmas and absurd, socialeconomic structures, which are altogether a complete failure.

The key difference can be found in the overall inter-connectivities within & between the faculties
of the individual brain, and throughout the co-respondence with its environment.

we are all things
It begins with the compromised & manipulated motivation of the individual,
and continues with their, almost non existent, social communication skills.

The difficulties come with the ‘social skills’ of the individual,
and how to correspond, correlate & cooperate within a group.

Finding the Individual
Swarm- or Cloud-Intelligence is all about Fission & Fusion
and requires a multisensory awareness
and a highly developed emotional sensitive,– Compassion.

Reality is multidimensional and in constant motion.
Objectivity is an illusion,
Everything is a Perception !

We can not perceive the Complexity of Life thru a single Perspective.

Social Emotional Intelligence enables us
to look at things from multiple perspectives.
Emotions connect us with the collective creativity !

Since there is not such thing as a ‘linear’ circuit, and everything along that line is just a misconception,
we need to understand how our mind works.

Our brain houses billions of interacting neurons that are arranged in complex circuits & networks
which again constantly form new clusters & ‘clouds’ of neurological processes.

Of course our neurological disorder begins with the misconception of a mind being limited
by a brain and that its thoughts belongs to one specific individual alone.
This misunderstanding continues with the refusal to belief in a collective subconsciousness,
and with the denial of a universal, evolutionary correlation between us and the rest of creation.

Of course our neurological disorder begins with the misconception of a mind being limited
by a brain and that its thoughts belongs to one specific individual alone.
This misunderstanding continues with the refusal to belief in a collective subconsciousness,
and with the denial of a universal, evolutionary correlation between us and the rest of creation.

But it is the nature of our Social Emotional Intelligence to extend & reach-out
beyond the confinements of the individual brain.

This Social Intelligence wants to connect with its natural environment,
intents to interact with other Intelligent circuits outside & around its private sphere;
– and these can be our fellow men, an animal, a tree or a mountain range.

Before we discredit this ‘Outreach’ as Telepathy or Extrasensory Perception,
and before we get into Hallucinogenic Drugs, we should have a closer look at our
Socio-Psychological Makeup by including the spiritual origins of our religions and belief systems.

This will introduce the other dimension of intelligence :

Our Love for Wisdom

the Philosophy in Motion