Our Consciousness is the ability of Abstraction. 

Social Emotional Intelligence together with Abstract Thinking gave our species
the ability to manipulate our habitat and create our very own environment.
Obsessed with our inventions we took some of our abstract, but simple & rudimental ideas
of ‘Ownership-thru-Creation and applied them to the rest of ‘Our World’.
                                                We build it, we own it, we control it.
But somehow & somewhere in this process we disconnected ourselves from the Rest- of-Creation,
lost sight of reality and got stuck in a world of Illusions, unable to find our way out of the mess we created.
Since all our theories resemble a composition or network of thoughts,
so is our concept of ‘Property’ followed by a whole entourage of ideas.
This presumptive concept of ownership has just set the foundation of our perception,
created a mind-frame around our intelligence and outlined the parameters for our ‘think-tank’.

Linguistic definitions of property-rights & entitlements have created further restrictions,
limitations & taboos; Words, carved in stone, solidified eternal motion in time-frames,
and the dynamic Flux of Life got arrested by our perception of Law & Order
This theory of entitlements translated physical properties & dimensions of Beginning & End,
Up & Down, More or Less, into abstract values of absolute Good & Evil,
and created an ethic & logic strictly based on this dualistic worldview.
                               – Reward & Punishment for Conquest & Trespassing –

By staking out properties and constructing pyramids the idea of a linear, hierarchic World Order was born,
and became the ‘non-plus-ultra’ reasoning for our social-economic rules-of-conduct.

Hierarchic Perception of Life

Now our whole world is build on those abstract concepts,
a linear paradigm which is in complete denial of its own limitations.

Translating a natural phenomenon into abstract thoughts is one thing, and is usually processed by
some sort of intelligence, but transposing an abstract creation back into physical circumstances
requires a whole different set of mental ‘tools’ or virtues, something we call WISDOM

As circumstances & realities are constantly changing, so is the idea of an absolute & universal Truth
just an illusive concept with no reflections in the real world.
A pyramid scheme has compromised our social-emotional-intelligence and turned our
Love for Wisdom (Philosophy) into a senseless addiction for Better, Faster & More.

A meme has trapped us in a world of delusions and is keeping us numb & dumb living in denial.

These is nothing out there which can rectify this situation;
No science or technology can rescue us from this dilemma.
There are no prayers, no political lines or economic concepts,
 not even Hope or Faith will help you here !

The solutions are in your mind, in your way of abstraction,
in your perception of Life and the World you live in,
– in your very own consciousness.

check it out for yo’self !