…or the allegory of a ‘School of Thoughts’ vs. a ‘Way of Thinking’

The concept of an Atlas is, to document & communicate certain knowledge with your fellow man.
As it is with all books, ideas are captured in words or images, thoughts are reduced to linguistic,
and knowledge is tied to historic circumstances.
As the written word & books became our favored tool in education,
so became the atlas the synonym for guidance & orientation.

Now, a 5000 year old idea of Law & Order is ‘written in stone’, images are reduced to just
2-dimensional pictures on a ‘smart’ phone and maps have drawn arbitrary demarcations into the landscape.

The belief in a hierarchic, linear world-order,
supported by a theory of reward & punishment
created the Commandments of separation & domination.
The idea of an ‘ultimate’ Good & Evil with its ‘False & True’
has established the fundamental guidelines
for a dualistic reasoning with the a rationality of tangible results
and final ‘solutions in a box’;
–  the ‘science’ of dialectic & marginalization.

Together with the idea of property & entitlements, these principles have outlined
the parameters of our thinking, the framework & matrix for the Linear Paradigm.
Based on this good & solid foundation of an ‘Ultimate Truth’ we have build, not only
our social & economic structures, but also our scientific theories & educational institutions.
The hierarchic, chauvinistic nature of this Paradigm is fundamentally a Heteronomious system,
trying to impose its perception of life on every soul on this planet.
The fundamental theories & doctrines of this Paradigm have not been revised or changed for centuries,
and have now totally corrupted our social behavior.
Like a contagious disease these ideologies were passed on from generation to generation;
sometimes openly & forcefully in the form of converting & civilizing savages & infidels,
sometimes hidden in constitutions and the curriculums of our school systems.

Information & education where once considered to be the greatest liberators,
but since then have been completely undermined
or dismantled by sophisticated
neuromarketing & conditioning… 

Today, a just halfway open mind can see, that with this kind of ‘intelligence’, we have totally ruined
our House & Habitat, that all our socio-economic structures are crumbling, and that something went terribly wrong.

Our highly ‘educated‘ experts & leaders are absolute clueless,
and our religious & political institutions have no new answers to offer.

Hope & Prayers might change our attitude sometimes, but not our behavior on this planet.
The predictions & promises of Reform & Revolution rarely address the real & fundamental issues,
and are just perpetuating the delusions.
All we have, are just the same old, outdated answers, ‘remedies’ which never worked in the first place,
are applied at the wrong time n’ place, or are rejected by our mental ‘immune system’,
because we have abused them to many times in the past…
– Here we have our ‘great’ religions & philosophies with Love & Peace,
and/or our social-economic ideas of Capitalism, Humanism, Socialism & Communism…,
all of them promising Freedom & Democracy while they are hiding their fascistic nature.

We are trapped in the perception of ‘absolute’ & ‘ultimate’ !

This linear Paradigm is a complete failure and :

The Cloud Atlas’ is an excellent example for the old School of Thoughts
and how it is passed on to next generations and potentially new students.


The movie is a modern allegory,
explaining & mapping the old principles of Reincarnation,
Karma & butterfly-effect etc.,
laying-out some of the oldest concept of life to a new audience.
This is the tale of some people connected in a Linear Order
of past, present & future,
and a rudimental acknowledgment of human interrelationship
beyond their ‘lifespan’.



But, book & movie are still falling short of offering any new idea or solution to the problematic we are facing today.
Since books or atlases are commonly used in a heteronomious way, as a tool or agent to impose
or imply the ‘rules of the day’, -or better ‘yesterday’, onto the reader or unaware student.
In its own way, this movie is still reaffirming the same old perception of the world :
Generations of people, trapped in Karma or haunted by Original Sin,
kept ‘in line’ by an ethical system of reward & punishments,
separated by hypothetical forces of Good & Evil, all struggling thru a life they did not chose.

The believe in an Ultimate & Absolute Truth has set strict rules & principles for our
morality & ethics. Further reduced by linguistic and restricted by laws & regulations,
the parameters of ‘life’ are now the Reality of yesterday.
These systems & principles, already outdated or irrelevant the minute they are drafted on paper,
are incomplete and constantly wrong with weather & shorelines,
repeating the same old mistakes over & over again.
These thoughts draw lines in the sand, separating Mine from Yours,
disconnect us mentally & physically from our natural habitat.
This mindset is discrediting & alienating everything outside & beyond its borders & standards,
it demonizes & fears the untamed wilderness, the uncivilized savages and the Chaos of Anarchy.
This ‘school of thoughts’ is just an assembly of memories and/or a collection of historic facts & events.
This provides an overload of information and a huge amount of  knowledge,
which leads to severe constipations in the brain.
This school system does not teach us how to ‘digest ’ all this ‘food for thoughts’,
an actual learning process does not take place !
All this undigested knowledge leads to mental (-and physical) obesity and the constant repetition of mistakes.

With all our technological advancement, all our scientific knowledge, from psychology to physics,
from the Relativity Theory to Quantum Mechanics, we havn’t realy learned very much.
Our ‘modern’ civilization is still fundamentally determent by some 5000 year old,
immature concepts of life, and blindly believes in some outdated & grotesque theories
of an hierarchic world order with entitlements & damnations.

The concept of an Atlas is to document & communicate certain knowledge with your fellow man.
As it is with all books, ideas are captured in words or images, thoughts are reduced to linguistic,
and knowledge is tied to historic circumstances.
As the written word & books became our favored tool in education,
so became the atlas the synonym for guidance & orientation.

Once being a vibrant way-of-thinking
became frozen in time, a thought carved into a rock; 
Once a multisensory experience,
is now just an outline of a memory, some knowledge in a box;
Once a creative solution,
is now just an old formula or recipe in a school book or memory-bank.  

We need to understand that all of this just reflects a limited perception of reality,
an observation or theory which is outdated as soon as we record it.

In contrast, we can see our natural environment, our ecosystem, in a constant flux,
continuously changing the ocean shores, the river beds and the whole lay of the land.

The real change, the paradigm shift comes from within the individual,
transforming his or her perception of Reality, getting a new perspective on the present,
and is approaching Life from a different ‘angle’.

Reality is changing continuously,
and requires new interpretations constantly.

“There is nothing permanent except change” Heraclitus

There is only One Truth and that is changing constantly !

Without taking this eternal motion of life into consideration, all our ideas,
concepts & philosophies are missing the Dynamic which keeps everything in balance,
they are dysfunctional and in disharmony with the rest of Creation.
Still, the outdated concept of an ‘ultimate’ Good & Evil and the belief in a hierarchic,
linear world-order is dominating our planet.
This is the Linear Paradigm at the End of its own definition;
and if you don’t see the ‘writings on the wall’, the warning signs all over the world,
you are also infected with this mental disease which will be eradicated by the Dynamic of life eventually.

Back to the allegory of the Cloud Atlas, the idea of mapping the concept of Life.
Here, on these pages, I am introducing a completely different approach to everything,
a new level of thinking.
Instead of an Atlas, I am using the Compass as a metaphor for an interactive navigation tool.
I call it ‘Compas-in-Chaos’, our inner guidance system on our journey thru eternal life.

Compass from Latin : com- ‘together’ + passus ‘a step’

To keep up with the constant motion of life, we, the journeymen, have to learn new ways of thinking.
This is NOT just a new school of thoughts, teaching a new program or curriculum,
training the newbies to ‘recite the sermon’ and ‘perform their deeds’;

not just some conditioning of rookies
to become the new ‘cog in the wheel’ or
the fresh canon-fodder of our economy .

This is not just an old map or Atlas which can show us a way back to a certain place
in space & time, but is unable to navigate us thru the wilderness of today.
No, this is our own, individual navigation system, our inner compass which is constantly
adjusting & balancing our ‘steps’, the ‘ways’ we do things in accordance
to the new circumstances we are facing in this Chaos of Life.

This system creates choices and is not forced to make decisions.

Knowledge itself is not a dead thing, it is an ‘Essence’

Like a fruit, knowledge changes shape, color & size until it is ripe for picking.
Now we can pick & choose, prepare it for consumption and then, like brain-food,
we can share this knowledge with others.
Obviously our digestive system has to be healthy and complete in order to extract
the nutrition and deliver the energy to where it’s needed.
Like cooking or preparing a healthy meal, we have to learn how to select & handle our collected knowledge.
This is the mental process which creates the SynergyWisdom we so desperately need to become an
integrated & contributing part of life, a mature & autonomous members of society.

 This is the thinking process which finds our Way to Re-Integration & Belonging.

Here we learn how to use our multisensory awareness in the process of thinking,
how to incorporate subconscious experiences and emotional intelligence into rational conflict solutions.

Here we combine the 3 I’s :


with knowledge to develop the wisdom & self-determination we need
to live a fulfilled life in balance & harmony with our self and our environment.

Here we become an eternal scholar, learning & teaching how to navigate thru a constantly changing reality.

This is dynamic education, a solution processor,
which we constantly need to respond, cope & adapt to the challenges of today.

Every moment is a moment of learning…

Here we are not cooking by the book or painting by numbers,
here we get inspired and learn how to use Knowledge & Imagination
to create our own art and prepare our own recipes.

…and here & now is the time to do what we think & feel is nessesary !



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