Stop Look Listen Think

Finding the Individual

In an overpopulation our mind protects itself from overexposure
by gradually shutting off its social emotional sensory systems.
– The result = HomoSociopathis

Some thousand years ago, during the transition from a hunter-gatherer culture to an agricultural society, our human mind made an evolutionary leap.

We became hunters for opportunities, and gatherers of knowledge.

But, at some point during this process, when inexperienced thinkers were distracted or overwhelmed by a flood of new information & ideas, (-doesn’t this sound familiar) some strange new thoughts entered their minds. These new ideas sneaked-in thru the backdoor of sub-consciousness, but not properly checked by our consciousness, and ‘undigested’ by our sapience, (-Latin for wisdom).
Such ‘undigested’ experiences can cause severe mental re-flux or constipation, and
when unrealistic & hypothetical theories establish themselves in a young and ‘fertile’ mind,
the consequences can be devastating and extremely long-lasting.
Certain combinations & circumstances can trigger cancerous growth & destruction,
causing extreme imbalances & disharmonies in the organism, effecting our entire psychosomatic system.
Since ideas & beliefs are powerful manipulators of the mind, and can ‘move mountains’ if necessary,
they also effect & transform our entire social behavior and change our social emotional intelligence.

Of course, all our Human Condition  & social behavior is now well researched & documented by neuroscience, psychology & sociology…, – it is constantly used by commercial marketing, political propaganda & our ‘educational‘ system. They stimulate & manipulate our minds,
to sell us some ‘heaven on earth’ and make us believe in some ancient hocus pocus…


Early man had learned how to survive under all sorts of circumstances & conditions,
They knew how to make tools to defend themselves and how to use the resources of this planet.
A constant observation of the environment had taught them the principles of co-existence & co-operation,
and they understood their rights & responsibilities in this environment, our ecosystem.

This ecological consciousness, comprehending the complexity of co-existence & co-operation,
transformed us from a simple social being into a sophisticated co-creator, a Man-of-Wisdom,

the Homo Sapiens.

By following simple economic principles, choosing & using new combinations of materials & resources,
mixing different natural concepts and imitating biological processes, our ancestors synthesized or
co-created a new ‘Way of Life’, a new Ecological Force on this planet.
Based on the principles of a sustainable food production,
man discovered a new kind of energy : the synergy of co-creation

Commemorate the Gift

The ability to control & manage a more consistent food supply had changed a simple path of survival
into a way of confidence & self-determination, a highway to a future of world-domination…
Modern Man had reinvented himself.
This new freedom unleashed a ‘flood’ of new ideas & innovations, followed by a ‘landslide’of technological achievements. The result was a rapidly growing population, settling everywhere
the fertile ground was promising growth & prosperity.
The land was cleared, trenches & wells were dug, the soil was broken, and barns & houses got built.
As all these new communities of farmers & craftsmen were facing completely new sets of challenges,
they also had to respond in a completely different manner, a more collective way.
As they experimented with all kinds of new forms of social organization,
a complete & systematic restructuring of the ‘old societies’ had begun.
But, most importantly, the new Ecological Force behind all these developments needed to be controlled,
check & balanced by an equally sophisticated mindset, – a social-economic intelligence.

As we are all a physical part of nature,
so does the management of such environment, our habitat,
require our complete social-emotional attention & integration.

A Real Economy has to be an Integrated Part of our Social Emotional Intelligence.

– And this is where the shortfall began,
the ‘point ’ in history where things started to get out of control.

 …we are the origin of all coming ‘evil’ ! 


With man now on top of the food chain, a new kind of ‘rational’ thinking began to dominate our lives,
the psyche, shifting the weight of attention more to the physical aspects of existence.
The ‘new consciousness’ became more & more occupied by the physical realities of our
technological & scientific advancements, leaving our psychological & spiritual awareness neglected.
The ‘modern‘ mind did not concern itself much more with invisible forces,
and dismissed them as chances or random events.

In the spiritual world of our ancestors, where nothing existed or happened by chance,
and consciousness encompassed the multisensory experiences of subconsciousness,
Imagination Intuition & Inspiration

3Iswhere the inner ‘eyes’ of reality,
interconnecting us with the
invisible energies of the universe.

Now these 140 million year old natural instincts got compromised, numbed & de-sensitized.

– We evolved, or better mutated, into something else.

Imagination & Intuition have always been our greatest Inspiration in life.
Dreams & Visions are the source & foundation of all thoughts & ideas,
Inspirations are the ‘breath of mind’, absolutely necessary for anything we do,
and the essence of our ‘spiritual’ connectivity with the rest of creation, – our environment.

A ‘divine’ inspiration comes thru the mind-altering experience of self-reflection,
stimulating a ‘new sense’, the Sense-of-Wisdom’, ‘awakening’ our individual perception
of Life, recognizing our Self in the context of belonging to our environment.
                                                    – Our Individual Self-Consciousness.

This Sense-of-Wisdom is a mental digestive system, our CPU, it processes our multisensory experiences,
controls & uses memory & knowledge to amalgamate & synthesizes the energy,
the Synergy we need to generate any sensible activity.
This is our guidance system, our Compass-n-Chaos keeping us in Balance & Harmony with ourselves,
our social network and our natural habitat, this is our Social Emotional Intelligence keeping us
integrated & connected with the world around us.

This is the ‘Sense’ which transformed Homo-Erectus into a Man-of-Wisdom, the Homo-Sapiens !

The awake & conscious mind translates Inspirations into sensible thoughts & ideas.
Transforming these ideas & theories into reality, is the process of realization & creation.
And, since
Nothing comes from Nothing
and Everything comes from Something,
Nothing exists out of context, nothing stands alone,
Every thought is Inspired by its Environment & circumstances,
Every Idea is Related to all the other Ideas & things out there,
Every Creation is a Collective Undertaking, a Co-creation ! 


Here we have to understand that Inspirations come
with a whole entourage of thoughts & ideas,
and, like the air we breathe,
are always interconnected with a larger organism of concepts & theories,
                                        – the Whole.

With the doors & windows of sub-consciousness wide open,
the ‘wind of change’ can blow-in all sorts of Inspirations.
But by undermining or bypassing our desensitized detection systems,
Imagination & Intuition are just reduced to suggestion & manipulation,
making us highly receptive for all kinds of mind-altering invasions.


Some of these unfiltered & unchecked ideas & theories,
undigested by our ‘Sense of Wisdom,
have now caused severe imbalances & disharmonies in body & soul.


After these questionable ideas & theories overwhelmed our mental immune system,
they attached themselves immediately at the point of infiltration, – the communication port of entry,
– our social-economic intelligence. There they could alter & manipulate our perception & presumptions in regards to our social behavior and towards our environment.
                   Homo Sapience’s natural social-economic integration began to disintegrate !

By trying to lock-out, or by simply ignoring the 3I’s of sub-consciousness we just made us less aware,
or ‘unconscious’ if you will, about our environmental interconnection, just disconnected us,
not only from ‘Mother’ Nature, but also from our brothers & neighbors, our fellow-man.

It just took a few of these mind-altering concepts to infect our ‘common sense’ with a ‘malicious virus’,
a ‘contagious disease’ which has now transformed the social behavior of our entire species.
It only took a few thousand years of self-destructive insanity to infest & destroy this planet, our habitat.

– Like a cancerous growth, which does not rest until it has consumed its host,
this mental disease has completely derailed our Sociocultural evolution
and continues to spread unopposed throughout modern societies. 

Ideas or concepts which behave like a virus are called a meme !

A meme is like a fashion or trend, moving through a population by
infecting each member which is exposed to it. Like any other virus
a meme spreads Exponentially in a crowd or social network where people
get into a closer physical or mental proximity to exchange ideas.


That’s why mass-movements are so treacherous, they create the ideal condition for a mental pandemic.

Restricted by Linguistic and limited by the superimposed perception of a linear worldview,
our social emotional intelligence became a narrow-minded and very selective way of thinking.
This ‘intelligence‘ with very limited flexibility and substantially reduced emotion,
censored by some rigid commandments of reward & punishment,
is now required to organizing a set of mostly physical phenomena in a linear fashion.
Because we have systematically & scientifically discredited any natural spirituality,
and since we have not developed any other metaphysical sensitivities,
we are mentally & physically trapped in the illusion of a limited & restricted reality.
We have ‘evicted’ ourselves mentally & physically from the ‘Garden Eden’, – our environment;
we locked-out the ‘Holy Spirit’, – our wisdom, and crippled our inner compass‘ & guidance system.
Consequently we have no sense for detail & complexity, we think out-of-context and have completely lost our perception of the whole. 1 Albert-Problem

As a collection of disenfranchised individuals,
deprive of any collective consciousness
and with no sense for a collective sub-consciousness,
we are completely lost on our way,
or any ‘different level’ of thinking.


Unable to comprehend the complexity of the issues on hand, our leaders & experts are completely clueless
and the other 99.999 % of us are utterly helpless when we encounter the social economic challenges of today.
Here & Now we would need way more knowledge about the origins of disharmony & imbalance in our
social emotional intelligence, we would need to find the source of discomfort & unhappiness in our own life,

 However, a balance interaction between human nature and Nature
requires that we invite & allow Nature to heal us !

Celtic knot 1

The Perceptual Shift

Please do not misunderstand, viruses play a significant role in the evolutionary processes of life.
Viruses are an epiphany of perception: the general, and most popular perception of a virus is that of a threat,
a poisonous disease, a nuisance & enemy we have to fight by all means; we simply apply concepts of
destruction & elimination by fighting justified or ‘good’ wars against all ‘evil’,
– and then end up calling it Healing.

But on the other hand we have learned that viruses are responsible for the stimulation of our
natural immune systems, and that they are pivotal in the process of organic recycling.
These viruses provide the vast genetic diversity which is essential to maintain a healthy life-cycle,
and they guarantee the balance & harmony in the great ecosystems of this planet.

It takes a Perceptual Shift to sense the Natural Dynamic in all of this,
the relevance to our state of mind,

and to ‘see’ the implication it carries for our future mental development.

Viruses are the prime example that there is no absolute right or wrong, good or bad,
just harmony or disharmony, balance or imbalance.
Depending on circumstances & environment, the poison can become a wonderful medicine;
but applied in a different combination, at the wrong place & time,
the healing process can turn into infectious disease.

The same principles & patterns can be observed in the ‘virus-infected’ minds of the human species.
It all boils down to just a few sources of contamination:
– the believe in an unchangeable, absolute & solid Truth, fixated on the Ultimate & the Final,
the one & only center point of creation;
together with the idea of a hierarchic, linear world order, a simple pyramid scheme,
separating & dividing everything by the rules of ‘divine’ entitlements or disqualifications;
combined with the theories of property & ownership have created the ethics & morals which
ultimately found solidification in a concept of Law & Order based on reward & punishment.

As these pages are dedicated to the systematic analysis of these fundamental ideas & theories
which have brought so much despair & unhappiness in our lives, here now a look at the dreadful
combinations & circumstances which might have caused their evolution or mutation
into a full-blown mental disease.

A visualization of how this mental ‘virus‘ has spread and infected our entire species can
give us some insight & vision and help us to change our personal perception of existence.

In this analysis it does not matter where & when these things started to happen.
As you know, I’m dismissing any linear order as not very productive in this case.
Here it is more important to recognize the timeless patterns & correlations of emotions,
and their fundamental role in the development of human nature, – the psyche.
It is pivotal to understand that these processes continue to effect us here & now as much
as they did in the ‘olden days’, – now just ‘dressed-up’ with new names and different faces.


A closer, analytical look at history reveals the development of a mental disease,
the mutation of a social being into an incongruent species.

As we discovered the efficiency of specialization and our food production increased dramatically, we began to lose sight of the benefits in diversity.
Looking back, we understand that the loss of biodiversity has caused mayor imbalances in our environment.
From agriculture to forestry, from biodegradation, decomposition & digestion to yeast infections & immune deficiencies, the entire life-cycle is now compromised.

Monoculture is a completely dysfunctional concept,
it is a non-sustainable process,

and one of the original ‘viral infections’ of the mind !

The Danger of a Monoculture


Our introduction to Monism
was absolute ‘ground-breaking’
and was followed by the replacement of
Pantheistic Spirituality with Monotheistic religion.

– The ‘seeds’ were planted and just needed to be watered & fertilized to sprout & grow.

The intellectual & technological ability
to design & construct our own ‘New World’
around some geometric shapes and aHoover-Dam
hierarchy of numbers, sparked the idea
of human world domination.


With the new self-confidence of a species ‘on top of the food chain’, and with this new physical reality in mind, we developed a new perception of values & ethics, a new reasoning with a new logic of duality & causality.
(two contrary forces to keep the balance between good & bad following a line from beginning to end)

Of course, these new successful concepts, with growing populations, ‘mind-blowing’ technologies and booming economies, were perceived as a blessing and the ‘divine’ sanctioning & validation of human activities;
                     – the Divine Affirmation of our Theories about Purpose, Destiny & Domination.

With this Divine confirmation in mind we began to create a new Linear Order of things,
beginning with new concepts of Divine Entitlements, Right of Ownership & Property.

The ground was prepared and ‘fertilized’ with new ideas; – the seeds started to sprout !

Our natural sense for eco-dynamic inter dependencies got slowly replaced by a growing trust
in the power of human ‘intelligence’, and eventually was completely consumed by our belief
in the divine right to conquer & exploit our planet.
Shifting our lateral & horizontal sense of co-responsibility away from our environment
and more towards a submissive compliance with orders from an authority above,
changed our perception of creativity & intelligence.
This new perception of responsibility transformed our freedom of Choice into a concept of Decision making.
Now we had a vertical, psychometric process of creating physical & intellectual values
in form of property & possession, – taking ownership by creation.
Here we can find the fundamental concepts of enslavement, conquest, lease & compounded interest !

This loss of the co in creation transformed our co-operation into carrying-out-an-operation,
and our co-existence into just existence.
By segregating social-emotion from our intelligence we dismissed the most important contributor
to the big leap in human evolution,  – our empathy or mirror neurons.


This sense had given us the big advantage, it had connected us, not only with our fellow-man,
but also with the rest of creation, our environment, habitat & home, – our ecosystem.

The mind-altering concept of a hierarchic world order had firmly planted its roots in our minds…
– The perception of a hierarchic, linear world order was conceived.

Hierarchic Perception of Life

But unfortunately this new logic was a pyramid scheme, contradicting any social-economic behavior,
the trademark of Homo-Sapiens, transformed it into something else,
– a bizarre cancerous growth consuming its host…

In charge of nature, and only responsible to the Almighty Creator above, – believe it or not,
some of us were selected, given some kind of ‘divine entitlements’  to lead the rest of us,
take possession of everything on this earth, and partition it into properties.

For indigenous people the creation of property-lines & enclosures was a strange new concept,
and the rules & regulations concerning the Right of Ownership remain a very confusing issue till today.
Besides the obvious questions about the origin of these divine rights, and the fair distribution
of the common wealth, it still leaves people concerned, if not paranoid,
about the perception of being locked-in or locked-out,
                                                              – and whose life is this anyway ?

Depending on the point of view,24 Not Knowing
the walls & fences we created protected us
and kept the wilderness & chaos
out of our fields & orchards,
but also separated us mentally & physically
from our natural environment,
estranged us from our fellow-man,
alienated us from the rest of creation,
locked us out of the ‘Garden Eden’,
and denied us access to eternal life !


Great Misconception of ExpulsionTrespassing these arbitrary,
mental & physical demarcation lines
became a punishable offence,
and introduced a whole new set of ethics,
a morality solely based on property rights & duties.
Of course these narrow-minded concepts
had to be enforced with senseless systems
of reward & punishment.
Sin & humiliation evoked shame, guilt & fear,
followed by despair, regret & grief and eventually
became the ‘framework & texture’
of psychosis in ‘modern’ man.

Since it is the nature of all consciousness to distinguish & separate, our Misconception of Reality
is seeded in the dismissal of inconspicuous thinking and the devaluation of intangible things.
Our life, the psyche, was more & more reduced to a collection of physical experiences.

Spirits became Ghosts & Demons,Conspirations turned into a Thread for the Establishment,
and Dreams & Visions just dwelled in the Darkness of Night.

With the personification of Deities we began to transform our natural Spirituality into some more
pragmatic concepts of Religion, promising a return to the ‘lost paradise’, – we just had abandoned;
and the reunification with this One Creator, – we just had created.

This combination of arbitrary concepts & theories became the breeding ground of some
very strange & irrational belief systems. Despite the obvious shortfalls,
these believe began to overgrow all our natural instincts, and finally outgrew
this special common sense & wisdom we had developed over the previous millennia.
Our lives were now in the hands of ‘The Almighty’ and, of course, his representatives.
Fundamental questions were cut short by the reminder that “God is working in mysterious ways”,
or the inquirer simply got ‘burned at the stake’.
Together with the ideas & concepts of distinction & differentiation came new methods of selection & separation. We began to scale & measure the world by new standards & values;
We reduced life to a time-frame, and restricted living by a set of rules & regulations which did not
leave much room & freedom for an individual choice.

The variables of natureA Flag
did not fit our idea of
discipline & order anymore,
they became the synonym
for Chaos & Anarchy.
Savages, wilderness & weeds,
together with sickness & diseases
became the enemy of ‘modern civilization’,
they had to be eliminated or eradicated,
evoking an even deeper fear of decay & death.
Nomadic people and wild animals
became intruders & trespasses,
they had to be restrained or pacified by force.

Transition & transformation, anything on-the-move or changing-things-around was perceived as a threat
to the soundness of our structures and the order & stability of the system.
In a polarized worldview all the Natural Dynamic became ‘Evil’, and we, the ‘Good’ people,
had to declare a total & endless war against this enemy.
Monotony was perceived as Harmony, a solid structure was seen as Stability and
Sustainability became the synonym for constant growth .

Dropping the motion out of Emotion
was taking the mental plasticity & flexibility out of intelligence.

Homo Sapiens was now mentally handicapped !

After the Earth was conquered, time & space partitioned & divided, the new parameters & standards
became a mental fixation & obsession of human civilization.
The rules of engagement’ were now ‘set in stone’, solutions were ‘frozen stiff’
and we became unable to ‘go with the flow’ of ever-changing life !


Our correspondence with nature was reduced to just a collection of physical experiences.
Celtic knot 4

The new perception of life had turned into a great deception !

There was just One definition of reality, One linear way of thinking,
and One final truth, all belonging to just One Creator.

Pursuing just this Onegood’ thing in life, all the ‘believers’ started to rush for this One side,
people were screaming “Chaos” & “Anarchy” and panic broke out…
– Now the ‘boat’ was completely out-of-balance, it leaned to this One side, and was taking on water.

The ‘believers‘ in the system got very upset & frustrated about their situation, and as people started to drown, fear began to rise and fights broke out ,  – about every little thing.
Most people were just hoping for their ‘great chance’ or the intervention
by some great leader, someone very powerful.
The new concept of proprietorship had corrupted our emotion of Belonging
into a longing for more, bigger & better.Private Property
The claim of ‘this is mine’
and ‘ you shall not’  had
crippled our empathy into
just Envy & Jealousy (Exodus 20:4-5)
and, as it is with all things
in this perception,
with good we created evil,
with prohibition we created crime…

Jealousy is a ‘green-eyed monster,’ as Shakespeare calls it in ‘Othello’, and it comes with a
whole entourage of other ‘emotions’ like selfishness, suspicion & distrust, and like envy it
implies a resentment or hostility toward other people possessing or enjoying some more advantages.
Jealousy & envy are possessive, demanding & overbearing and cause repulsion.
It stifles freedom & individuality, they degrade & demean, they breed tension & discord among people,
they destroys friendships, families, tribes & nations.

It just took a few generations to transform the environmental & social behavior
of a once social being into a mentally deranged and completely asocial species.
Cultivating fields, creating gardens, breeding animals & plants required a whole new set of skills;
irrigation systems, new settlement & machinery had to be designed & build.
And, as ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, so it took a collective effort to separate
a garden from the wilderness, to breed a more productive type of grain or raise a tamer kind of kettle.
The new worldview had not just changed our relationship to ‘mother’ nature,
but also our entire ‘social fabric’.
The more egalitarian principles of the earlier days disappeared quickly
and were replaced by new social stratifications.

Codex Hammurabi
With the corruption of our Social Emotional Intelligence
we had deprived ourselves of our natural
guidance system’, our inner ‘Compass;
– our personal wisdom had to make room
for the heteronomous law & order
of the new system in power.
Of course, this new order was further
restricted by linguistic terms,
and found absolute manifestation
in a handful of laws ‘written in stone’.


Since the idea of a hierarchic world-order was based on the structural soundness of a pyramid,
the same ‘rock solid’ principles were applied to all other aspects of life.

The world was divided in levels & ranks,Pyramid System
tightly connected by a chain of commands;
from the ‘Precious One’ on top,
down to the hungry masses on the bottom.
All of creation was divided
into higher & lower life-forms:
– a simple weed ranked lower than
an apple tree, and an old donkey was
less worth than a well trained house-slave.

Since this hierarchic evaluation process
included properties & divine entitlements,
the whole population was divided
into Have and Have-Nots.

Now the leadership of these new societies had to create more laws & regulations just to deal
with the preservation, the transfer & inheritance of these rights, titles & properties;
– and the heirs & successors accumulated more & more wealth & power.
Under these laws the fate of an individual was predetermined at birth; people got segregated by
the specifications of a caste system or separated by social classification.
This prejudice, – or preconceived opinion which is not based on fact, reason or experience,
together with the discriminatory ideas of law & order, became the toxic combination which has caused
all the social unrest in the history of man.
Not to forget that the idea of Monotheism also introduced us to a new concept of male & racial superiority,
followed by the chauvinistic doctrines of nationalism & fascism.



All this shows us the depth & complexity of this mental disease,
and how deeply it has influenced our social- & environmental behavior.

Since Hierarchy inherits competition, and the natural & organic evaluation processes were overwritten
by some highly judgmental concepts of proprietorship & entitlement,
we ended up becoming something very different to a ‘social being’.
A new form of ‘competition’ was introduced, and the egalitarian distribution
of ‘common ground’ was replaced by a hierarchic division of properties.
The great disappropriation had begun

With this new belief system of ‘divine privileges’ firmly in place,moses the warlord
we began to create new ‘social economic’ concepts
with consecrated governments leading & dictating the way.
Monarchies & Dynasties rang-in the age of warlords,
with Despotism & Feudalism, building territorial & commercial empires
by pillaging & plundering the land and their fellow man.

The ‘Dark Ages‘ were finally replaced by the ‘Golden Age
of the Renaissance.
With more science & education came the great Reformation,
and new ideas of humanism & social equality spread quickly
via the newly invented print media.

But, as the conquest & colonization of the planet continued to increase,
the extermination & exploitation of  people became more sophisticated & systematically.

Economic thinking continued to move further away from the natural dynamic of reality.
Man lost sight of the ecologic fundamentals in life and became increasingly obsessed
with the ideas & theories of his Linear Paradigm.
Since the whole globe was divided & distributed amongst the most sickest & ruthless creatures of our species,
the rivalry & competition among them became more relentless & violent.-The madness became more obvious!
A new kind of ‘economy’ emerged, something very disconnected from co-creational origins.
This new school of thinking was very adamant about the unrestrained
and most ‘economic’ extraction of life & energy from this planet.
With the last shimmer of social intelligence quickly disappearing in the fog of mental delusions,
this new economy’ became the playground & marketplace for the psychopathic leadership of society.
Of course, this ‘market’ was not concerned about equality & fairness at all, just a place
where the most insane could ‘freely’ compete & fight to take the ‘biggest piece of the pie’,
to grab the best & finest piece of pillage & plunder…
– A new kind of ‘warship’ had begun ! 
But the new economic imbalances this created caused great discomfort amongst an increasing population
and prompted new ideas of reform and social re-engineering.
                     – Abolition of Slavery, Emancipation of Serfs & Jewish, Women’s Rights.
Of course, when the ‘freed’ slaves & serfs transformed into farm-laborer & factory-workers,the situation did not
get better at all. People had just become a tradeable & disposable commodity in a ‘free’  Market Economy,
fighting & competing with, for & against each other !

With growing industrialization, and the management of agricultural resources becoming less important,
‘modern’ economics was all about the management of old entitlements & possessions
including the newly created Labor-Force or Working Class.
– And the land barons, factory owners & commodity traders were laughing all their way to the bank.

For centuries Banks had been responsible for the management of capital & trade.
Since they were in charge of the monetary & financial system, they became now the most important institution, to manage & control the commodity of labor. -The Banking System guaranteed the enslavement of the people.

Despite the great technological advancements, the socio-economic problems of modern civilization
got out of control, and the constantly growing populations became desperate for solutions.
We entered the 19th century with revolutionary ideas.
By revisiting the old concept of the Roman Republic,
and reusing their ancient democratic ideas, people developed their ‘new’,
social-democratic theories of socialism & communism.
A new kind of war was added to the list of ‘natural disasters’,
and a series of great revolutions shook up modern civilization.

Still, far removed from the original wisdom of social emotional intelligence,
modern man was unable to manage his social economic issues;

– the psychosomatic dysfunctions were not addressed-liberte-egalite-fraternite copy
and the fundamental problems remained unsolved !
All  the fighting for freedom & equality had
just obvious & ‘tangible’ things in mind,
– demanding free access to the natural
resources of this planet, and a fairer
distribution of common wealth
among an ever-growing population.


celtic_knot 8

Psychology vs Mentology


The great ‘social movements’ of the new political ideologies & doctrines had joint
the senseless antagonism of the ‘demented’ ones.
As the quantity of people was either a liability or an asset in this dispute,
the control of the masses became the key issue in the struggle for power & control.
– The newly rediscovered science of Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud was this key to our minds; – it opened the backdoor to our sub-consciousness and created the perfect ‘mechanism’ to recondition the behavior of the people, or to control “the bewildered Herd ! , as Walter Lippman called it.

Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, became the pioneer of the ‘Engineered Consent‘,
or the ‘guidance from above’, controlling the irrational thoughts and unconscious feelings of the masses.

Once considered the science of mental & physical health, then demonized and viewed as
occultism & heresy by the Catholic church, the whole concept of Psychology itself became
infested with the ‘new economic’  thinking.

Throughout the 20th century Mass PsychologyDr. Göbbels
was extensively used by all kinds of
political & commercial propaganda
or Public Relations, as they called it;

from the demented mind of Bernays to
the sick ‘genius’ of Joseph Goebbles,
they mobilize the crowds,
masses of individuals
to sacrifice their body & soul,
for various causes & reasons,
with consume & terror .

Freud’s theory of ‘irrational, animalic forces in human nature’ driving us into chaos & destruction,
was the ultimate confirmation & affirmation of our collective paranoia !
Based on the linear paradigm and the assumption that we have to fight,
or at least control these Evil forces in our unconscious minds,
a systematic brainwash  transformed generations of people into complete maniacs.

Psychology was the perfect instrument to redesign human nature,
to create ‘happy‘ & docile societies !

– Consequently psychoanalysis became the scientific foundation of marketing & ‘education’,
helping to manipulate & indoctrinate various segments of population.

 Redesigning Man and Woman

Now we could grow & breed cannon-fodder,
just the way we wanted or needed it :
faster, better, smarter, more beautiful & strong !
From a cute little baby to the latest smart phone,
everything new, fresh & young was in;
Anything old, slow & ugly was useless
and not desirable in a growth-addicted society.



From the Torches of Freedomand the Cold War to Obama’s election campaign 2008,
from the War on Drugs & Terror to American Idol & ‘Facebook’, and with the combined effort
of marketing, science & education the mental disease went viral.

With the help of modern Psychology we completely deranged our perception of life, turned reality into a big, ‘larger than life,’ collective delusion. From the blessing of the guns to the National Mental Health Act and Military Psychiatry, we have now legalized insanity.


Human civilization had entered a new stage of madness !

After dropping ecology out of our economic definitions, it made perfect sense
to do the same thing with the psyche in  psychoanalyses.
We replaced it with a new kind of science, a more pragmatic science of the mind, like Evolutionary Mentology, neuroscience, sociology etc., – specializing & focusing on the more tangible ‘facts’ in human behaviour;
But instead of dissolving the psychological entrapments, these modern forms of ‘psychology’
have now evolved into a sophisticated affirmation of the meme.

Instead of helping the mind to untangle itself from heteronomous decision-making-processes
and supporting the individual to live a life of Free Choice, this new ‘psychology’  was just a scientific
re-confirmation or reinforcement of the common delusions.

The perception of facing a ‘hostile’ environment, constantly confronted with wars & natural disasters,
has causes great distress in the human psyche and constitutes the ideal condition for all kinds
of mental disharmonies & imbalances.

As our addiction to growth & expansion had already transformed plowshares into swords, the new combination of mentology & ‘economics’ ratified war & competition as an integrated part of our Psychosis.
This is where Reform & Revolution turned into an affirmation of the market system;
a Paranoia, where Health & Education secured the horizontal & vertical transfer of the meme,
across & throughout the human population. – a psychic pandemic !

Indonesia Forest clearing

With the idiots leading the ‘idiots’, not only our social emotional intelligence got screwed up,
but also our environmental consciousness became completely delusional.

Social-emotionally isolated & disconnected from our fellow man and habitat,
we completely misunderstand the correlation between our existence and the rest-of-creation.

By ignoring the synergy of nature our ‘bogus-economies’ became a ‘runaway train’…
– into the abyss of insanity.

Today we have to deal with Fiat Money and Paradox Values: – where a diamond is more pressures than fresh water, just because it is more rare! -?  –  Now translate this into human terms
and you will find the truly ‘paradox value’ of the 7+ Billion people on this plant.

Eco-logy -Economy


We closed the front door to our natural environment, our conscious awareness,
and began to manage our illusive Possessions the way we wanted it.
But, behind closed doors and without the diversity of nature in mind,
our consciousness was boxed-in, our intelligence was blindsided
and reduced to a linear paradigm with bogus theories about property & ‘economy’.


With a corrupted social-emotional-intelligence and a limited & restricted Worldview,
 there is no way out, just a Dead End street; – the logic of linear, hierarchic thinking !

Now everything we do is reactive, nothing seems to be proactive, one panic decision follows another.
Most of our ideas about eco-dynamics and economic sustainability are insufficient or incompetent.

It seems that every new theory or concept we try, is poised to fail, simply because they are all conceived on the assumptions of an old outdated paradigm. – As soon as a new idea comes to our sick mind,
it gets infested with this viral disease and becomes something very different than intended.
It is like ‘building a new ship with of old, rotten wood.’

Without an individual healing process of the mind, and a fundamental paradigm shift,
all activism is just a re-activism,

repeating the old mantras of hope, using the same old  principals
just with new technologies in green camouflage.

  Freud’s ‘irrational forces in human nature’ are in fact not so irrational at all,
we just need to understand them in context & relationship to real life ! 
 C.G. Jung, on the other hand, makes the loss of these ‘irrational forces’, our ‘instincts
 responsible for the pathological condition of contemporary culture.

As long as we, as individuals, are ignoring our psychosomatic shortcomings, our mental delusions,
we will continue on the road of self-destruction & misery.
An Ecopsychological healing process is absolutely necessary & pivotal for our environmental re-integration
and includes our adaptation to the eco-dynamic motion of life.   →  Philosophy-in-Motion


Of course there is no need for help, intervention or treatment if we continue to live in a state of social emotional numbness & denial. But as soon as there is the slightest awakening of our multisensory awareness,
we will set our consciousness in motion, and our perception of reality will change.

Of course there is no need for help, intervention or treatment if we continue to live in a state of
social-emotional numbness & denial. But as soon as there is the slightest awakening of our
multisensory awareness, we will set our consciousness in motion,
and our perception of reality will change.

This is the new ‘Level of Thinking’ or consciousness Einstein is talking about.
This will get us on the way to another level of Social Emotional Intelligence,
– where wisdom is the catalyst and reconnects our conscious – & subconscious experiences,
– where the collective consciousness includes our natural environment,
re-embraces the ecodynamic of creation, and reconnects us with the eternal Synergy of life.

This is where the collective sub-consciousness can lead to a real cloud intelligence,
swarm intelligence or whatever you want to call it…