Nothing has captivated our minds as much as
      the ideas of Time & Money.

Both systems set out as a helpful creation
of human social-emotional intelligence.
But over time, both systems became ‘infested
with the linear ideas of proprietorship & entitlement.
Enforced by the restrictive Laws of a hierarchic, linear Order,
these intellectual viruses constructed immense
mental & physical walls & barriers and eliminated
the liquidity & dynamic of these systems.


Now a ‘stagnant & toxic’ sewage system, Time & Money have lost, not only
their social-emotional relevance, but also their economic-ecological benefits.
By giving time a monetary value, together with all the legal definitions & restrictions of property,
we made time a trade-able commodity. Now we have never enough of it,
we can waste & steal time, and it comes with an expiry date, the End.
This has, mentally & psychologically, deprived us of a major portion of intelligence, – our abstract thinking.
Not to forget, by making Time a tangible thing, we turned our Spirituality into Religion,
made it a corrupt & profitable enterprise for the rulers; – now we can please the Lord by ‘buying’ us
more & better Times in our next life, the ‘Afterlife’ or the Garden Eden’.
Money makes the world go round !

Intoxicated’ by our own creation, addicted to precious Time and almighty Money,
united they became a powerful slave-master, our God, our Everything.

To heal or rectify this mental derailment, we need to analysis the psychosomatic & ideological components
of these problems and have to find & revisit the source of these toxic ideas.

Then, by removing or dissolving the physical & mental restrictions & barriers,
we will revive our social-emotional intelligence, and regain the balance & harmony
we need to interact responsible with the rest of creation, – our environment.

This new Philosophy here can set things in Motion,
and it will enable us to redefine the meaning of Time & Values again.

Real Time ?

Cosmic Time

Real time is dynamic Change.

From microseconds to light-years, our measurement of Time is just an abstract tool
trying to ‘untangle’ the relationships & involvements of movements, rotations, fluctuations or currents.
Our ‘timing of things‘ is just a picking of some arbitrary, but pivotal points of things in motion.
By mapping, illustrating and demonstrating this motion in a sequence of numbers,
we are able to visualize & read this motion, our ‘Time’.

Transfer Time

Time is constantly changing and is not a tangible thing,
it can not be captured, traded or manipulated;
Time is Yours, and it is Free !

Otherwise Real Time is relative, it is slippery, dynamic & flexible,
it is like the natural rhythm of seasons, tides & currents.

We call it Biological Clock or Circadian Rhythm

Time is eternal Life

We can sense this Timing in the heartbeat of our Life-cycle,
and it comes, like a ritual, with any choreographed & concerted activity in the universe.

From music to growing vegetable, from cooking to shifting gears, we all know
the great importance of timing. But, when it comes to shifting into a different Level of Thinking,
we also need to know & understand that our concept of time has nothing,
or very little to do with the dynamic of Real Life.

Since choosing is an organic process, it is important to understand where this process
was compromised and got in disharmony with the rest of creation.

The Terms of Timing.

The implication of ownership has not only corrupted our entire relationship to matter & space,
but also our perception of Time.
Most of us are under the impression that we received just a limited Time-span in this world,
and that this was handed down to us from somebody above in the hierarchy.
Religious people believe that all life on this planet is limited by Birth & Death,
and that its life-time is just granted by its creator.
But, by adding the ideas of property & entitlement to the dimension of Time,
the attitude of appreciation turned into duty, and gratitude transformed into obligation.

These principle beliefs & concepts seized our Time and used it as a tool to design a mentally enslaved
and physically indebted civilization.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds.

Now, Time is precious and because
you can never get enough of it,
time seems to run against you,
and when the ‘time is up’,
and ‘the end is near’,
it is ‘payback time’…
– for all you sinners & trespassers out there.





Now, Time is Money’, and is putting a hypothetical value on an arbitrary dimension.

All our desire to capture or hold-on to a moment is just a hypothetical idea or theory,
and the intention to possess a portion of time or motion is just an illusion.

Remove proprietorship from Time and you get a completely different perception of life.
Now Time is on my side, but still, I have to let it go, it’s not for me to keep.
TIME is timeless and has no limits whatsoever.

Time can run behind or drags out,
it can be parallel or synchronized,
it comes in high-speed or slow-motion,
but nothing can stop its current.

While a long-lasting orgasm is wonderful, a slow death is horrible;
as we enjoy a fast bike, a short lunch-brake is never enough;
from micro seconds to light-years, TIME is relative !

Remembering an event in the past, and imagining the future in the here & now,
this is our perception of a time-span;
From the point over there to my place here, is our perception of a distance in space.
To claim ownership of this perceived time & space is completely ludicrous.
This kind of thinking disconnected us, not only from reality, but from everything else
These ideas & theories got us out of tune and are in total disharmony with the dynamic of life.

Time is the rhythm between events,
the ‘beginning’ & ’end’ of a segment of motion.
Timing is the beat of a drum or the pumping of our heart,
it is the sequence of seasons or the rhythm in our music;
it is the frequency of energy and the wavelength in light,
~ Time is Sound, Color & Thought ~

Timing orchestrates your intervals with the great symphony of life,
making You a composer & co-creator of the Whole.

~ into Eternity & Back ~


All what is, lives.
Nothing is annihilable,
Even moldering is transition
to new Life.

The Whole is never Complete,
unless it Transforms !