Entourage – ‘surroundings, environment’ from French -‘entourage, entourer’- to surround or entour
– that which ‘surrounds’, from en- ‘in’ + tour ‘a circuit’ (tour) – Sense of ‘attendant persons’


Most of us are familiar with the term ‘entourage in a social, hierarchic situation, where a group or train of retinues, attendants or assistants, followers, staff or retainers, surround or escort a VIP;
But, in a less hierarchic setting, we also recognize an entourage as a bunch of acquaintances,
a peer-group, company or team.

In the context of social science and marketing research the ‘entourage effect is a well known phenomena and is frequently used in the manipulation of consumer behavior.
This effect can easily be observed in the development of memes on the ‘Social’ Networks of the internet.

The problems arise with the unawareness of these entourage effects, and/or the roll they play within the collective and our environment as a whole. For centuries science & technology have systematically ignored, dismissed, or simply denied the complexities of such interrelationships & interdependencies.
And since ignorance rules our world, very little is known, or taught about these powerful synergetic effects.

Only a few seem to understand the social emotional complexities and the cognitive nuances of the entourage effect, behind & beyond our intelligence factor

The common misconception is founded on the absurd idea that intelligence is the property of an individual.
This theory has a 5000 year old track record of failure, and is an absolutely ridiculous concept.
Our psyche, mind or intellects are all part of a living organism.
Since nothing in nature is linear, hierarchic, or the property of somebody, all that frenzy about
Super Brains’, Artificial Intelligence or similar human ‘achievements‘, is abstract, and in context of reality, a complete nonsense.
We are intellectually stuck in a monoculture, psychologically numbed & dumbed by Abrahamic religions,
and social-emotionally retarded creatures, just repeating our old mistakes over & over again.


We are still following a senseless concept which separates ‘Our Garden’ from wilderness,
captures the ‘good’ & useful, and eliminates ‘Garbage‘ & ‘Evil’.
We are obsessed with growth & expansion and can’t stop until we are victorious
and everything is ours ‘for good’.

But, contrary to conventional thinking that scarcity increases the value of something and therefore
its owner’s status, research now shows that by allowing VIP’s to share otherwise-exclusive privileges with a wider group, the VIP’s status is actually elevated.

The delusion begin with the misconception that there are single-handed achievements of a hero or a villain.
But again, it is easy to observe that nothing stands alone and that everything is a concerted effort.
As ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, so is the entire cultural environment and the natural surrounding
associated with the imprinting & conditioning of an individual.

Ambiance, milieu & association play a bigger roll than they want us to believe
‘It’s more important who you know than what you know !’ – is the slogan.

The Entourage has an Effect, and that affects everything else.

In some form or another, we are constantly exposed to an Entourage Effect;
but we have no clue what it means, how it affects our personal life
or how it links & interconnects us with the rest of creation.
The ‘mechanics’ & dynamics of this effect are pivotal in any relationship,
and of special importance in the development of any social emotional intelligence.
Still, we won’t find any of this in the curriculums & textbooks of our schools & universities.
Generation after generation is brought up without learning these fundamentals of life.
Soon we will have to share this planet with 8 or 10 billion brothers & sisters,
all of them with a dysfunctional ‘intelligence’ and some severely damaged social skills.



The absolute discriminatory tunnel-vision
of the monotheistic belief-system
has systematically overlooked & ignored
the interrelationships & correlations of real Life.

Mentally imbalanced,
in disharmony with Nature,
all energy is consumed
and any real Dynamic is lost


Pyramid System


It is in the nature of a hierarchic system
or a pyramid scheme to break & dissolve
all lateral relationships & responsibilities
in order to establish the unilateral commitment,
loyalty & consent, necessary to support
the layer above.

The Order of Command,

the concept of Leadership

 the Paradigm of Discoherence,

 Desolation & Discrimination !


Man buried in network cables, low section, elevated view

The entourage effect is a story of entanglements

Now, most individuals are in discontent with themselves
and live in disharmony with their environment as a whole;
they feel trapped and helplessly entangled in the proceedings of life.
They live a life they did not choose.

People are confused & bewildered by the chaos of these Entanglements,
unable to detect & realize the synergy & dynamics of these multilateral interconnections,
our civilization is completely unfit to cope with the multidimensional relationships of life.

This is not just affecting the interrelationship with our fellow man or the engagement
within our ‘social’ group or society, but also the interactions with our natural habitat.


The entire universe has conspired for this moment to happen.



The lack of those social-emotional sensitivities has disengaged us intellectually
and made our species collectively irresponsible & self-destructive.

The fact that everything in this universe correspond & interact with each other,
and that those co-dependencies & correlations are the nature of creation itself,
does not ‘fit the bill’ of our linear hierarchic world order.
And whatever does not fit into the outlines of this Law & Order is demonized or discredited
as wilderness, chaos or anarchy.

Social emotional intelligence is the most important trait for our co-existence on this planet.
But we have to understand that this is, at least most of its part, a subconscious, open gateway.

These social-emotional-sensitivities,3Is
like Imagination, Inspiration & Intuition,
are not only responsible for sharing,
co-operation and social behavior,
but they also allow our natural environment to influence & manipulate us individually,
and to have a corresponding effect on our entire human condition.

The Entourage Effect is not hierarchic or causal,
it’s a network of coincidental relationships,
a part of a greater organism
beyond any individual comprehension.

In this conjunction our life becomes rather
an act of positioning, navigation & conspiration
than a fight for control & domination.

Then it’s not so much a question of
what causes what,
but rather
what likes to occur when, where and together with what !

Just more recently modern science began to recognize, or better rediscover, the phenomenon & occurrences of these ‘synergetic‘ entourage effects.  → (how cannabis works)

Cannabinoids – The Entourage Effect from Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil

All these ‘new’ findings have broadened our perspective on the interrelationships & entanglements in life.
From biology & neuroscience to pharmacology & quantum-physics, a more interdisciplinary research has
shown that chemical substance work better in certain mixtures and/or in conjunction with other substances.
All the more holistic & traditional forms of empirical research, like HerbalismOrganic- & Biodynamic-FarmingAgronomy and Botany  have emphasized the importance of combinations, correlations & circumstances.

Today we have Psychosomatic medicine  & PhytopharmacologyBiosemiotics & Biomimetics returning to the most sophisticated laboratory & teaching ground there is, – Mother Nature.

The longstanding, successful use of herbal drug combinations makes it necessary to find a rationale for their therapeutic superiority in comparison to pharmaceuticals with isolated, single components.
For our overall mental & physical healing process it is absolutely necessary to identify any given entourage,
to understand their importance and the various synergistic mechanisms underlying their effectivity.

Microbiome research, for instance, has shown that our body comes with an entourage of more than 100 trillion microbes, outnumbering our ‘human’ cells by 10 to 1. We share these networks with our entire habitat, including water soil & animals.
These ecological communities of commensal, symbiotic & pathogenic microorganisms are responsible for the function of our immune systems and operates our entire digestive metabolism.
These little buggers organize, regulate & control our life in a big way.


Human Microbiome Project

Thru all these entourage & synergetic effects
we are connected with each other,
and inseparably linked, or entangled, with the rest of creation.

Entanglements everywhere 2

Finally, after separating & isolating ‘things’ for centuries, some of these ‘brainiacs & ‘geniuses’ of society begin to realize that these ‘things’ look, sound, taste or work better in combination with other things.
From multi-vitamins & minerals to balancing hormones,
from inert & active ingredients in herbicides to Immunomics,
we realized that nothing works well on its own, everything acts & operates better in correlation.

It took a long time until we began to look at poison as a remedy again.

From the composition of a song and the orchestration of instruments to the recipe of an Indian curry,
or the making of a Japanese ramen soup,  these processes are intricate & complex,
and all the arrangements are multidimensional entanglements.   Quantum Entanglements

Or, as quantum physics puts it :
The properties of one part depend on the properties of all the other parts involved,
everything exists in inseparable relationship to each other and the whole.

Now we have to learn how to specialize in diversities

Which gives me another opportunity to layout this non-linear, non-hierarchic way of thinking,
where our Social Emotional Intelligence is not just helping us to navigate
the Chaos of Eternal Life, but is also the interface between the individual and the rest of creation.

These pages reflect an organic network of thoughts where everything comes
with an entourage of ideas & inspirations.
Here I’m challenging the remnants of our mutual Social Emotional Intelligence
where education & comprehension go beyond mainstream knowledge & logistics.

To recognize the entanglements and the entourage effects it requires a more comprehensive approach,
a new way of wholistic thinking.

There is no beginning or end to consciousness and therefore it does not matter where & how
you start your quest, but it is important to proceed.

For a sensitive mind the entanglements and the entourage effects become more obvious every day.
Then life becomes a question of participation & cooperation rather than of supervision & domination.

 Real Life is about complementing rather than competing !

All these concepts can only be understood in the broadened context of your own mindfulness.

Only your Wisdom we can ‘untangle’ these relationships; not by severing or straiten your entanglements, but by co-creating a network, weaving them into the ‘Fabric of Life‘.

Then, when you realize how far ‘off the charts’ our mainstream civilization has gone, you arrived at this new level of consciousness which is necessary to solve, or untangle the problems of today.

Good luck in your pursuit of happiness;