… to those who are still puzzled about the idiocy of HomoSociopathis.

I realize that these pages are not for everybody,
not for the general consumer or the cannon fodder of society.
The masses of surface skimmers, who are just trying to survive their existence,
have no clue of what I am writing about anyway.

I’m addressing those people who came to realize that the problems we are facing today are not a tangible
or technological dilemma, but a psychological malfunction a mental disease
which has infested our entire species.

Our world is full of Delusions & Hope, addicted to Comfort & Having-More.
We are constantly calling for a bigger, better & brighter future,
but then the fundamental questions remain:
what will we do with all these beautiful & younger looking bodies,
how will we use more & better ‘education’, what does it mean to be wealthy & healthier,

-and what will we do differently with our longer & ‘bigger’ life ?

As Einstein once said:1 Albert-Problem








Whenever we choose to change our ways or situation we have to shift into another ‘gear’.
Therefore it is absolutely necessary to analyze & understand the circumstances & reasons
which have brought us here today.

Here I’m inviting the more ‘mature’ & open-minded reader to join me in some contemplative meditation and
reflective equilibrium about our Eternal Life and the Garden Eden we have never left.

This is a holistic, non-linear & non-hierarchical approach and the essence of my personal wisdom.
Remember, wisdom constitutes the free sharing of knowledge & experience, otherwise it’s foolishness,
– like charging our children for education ! ?

This is for those of you who had enough of gurus, leaders & experts, constantly trying to sell you
some new programs, remedies or other expensive ‘secrets’, – just to make a $ or a ‘name’ for themselves.
If you have heard enough arguments, teachings & preachings of new beginnings and happy endings,
and you are still not convinced, – let me give you some ‘priceless’ inspirations which will take you beyond
the normal mumbo-jumbo on the web.

In the Arts we have developed our most sophisticated form of social emotional communication.
Art is a tool which enables us to circumvent physical restrictions and to work beyond linguistic limitations.
To analyze & reflect the psychological depth and physiological complexity of the social economic problems
we are facing today, I had to use the figurative language of allegories and chose to illuminate the issues metaphorically.
This art-form is a natural choice: it is conceptual, co-responding & wholistic,
it allows us to visualize everything in the broader, environmental context where it belongs,
and to co-create the natural solutions we so desperately need.


From linguistic to psychosomatic analyses, from socio-economics to environmental politics,
here it requires a new way of thinking.
– with thoughts & ideas you might recognize, but never made sense to you;
– a ‘way’ you probably have seen before, but never dared to travel;

And just because this kind of thinking, or some incoherent segments of it, were presented by some
confused, disoriented & frustrated sociopath, some leaders, experts or other bullies,
you could only catch a glimpse of it and you were unable to see the whole concept in the ‘light of day’.


But here I’m opening a therapeutic conversation,
a student-centered-learning-process if you will,
and with your participation this will open
old & new doors of your consciousness,
illuminate some new ‘ways’ of life for you .




By connecting science & technology with spirituality & education,
and by re-integrating ourselves into the rest of creation,
– our environment, – our habitat, – the ‘Garden Eden’,
we will reconnect with the synergy of life and the mental healing process can begin.

Imagination, Inspiration & Intuition are powerful tools of subconsciousness,
they are part of our inner guidance system, our ‘compass’ in the chaos of life.
But, how to use these tools, how to ‘digest’ our experiences & knowledge, is a long forgotten ‘skill’
and has bin banned from our minds since generations.

Religion a corrupted Spirituality



Since Spirituality was replaced by the hierarchic,
chauvinistic worldview of monotheism
and some ridiculous idea of Law & Order
corrupted our free Will,
we have transformed Education into Conditioning
and reduced economics to
a systematization of theft & exploitation.



Now that we have disassociated ourselves from the rest of creation, and forgot how to live an eternal Life, our globalized world is trying to survive by growing more & more money with senseless methods.

Any Eco-nomy without Eco-logy is a complete non-sense,
Life is in Motion, – Reality & Truth are constantly changing; 
– so why are we still ignoring these facts,
why are we still following a senseless & authoritarian belief system,
why are we still trying to restrict & contain everything with a hierarchic Law & Order,
why are we still trapped in a dysfunctional economy,
why are we still hoping for more, bigger & better things to come ?

12 Hope

The question remains, where & when did we lose our social-emotional-intelligence
and how did we turned into this new species – HomoSociopathis ?

Each of us has to wake-up for themselves

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